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Dream Catcher Review

Dream Catcher - partycasino

Live Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a live action spin wheel game, where players get the chance to win prizes on the Money Wheel in real time. Rather than the conventional slot format, where players spin the reels on an online slot, Dream Catcher is a live casino game based on live-action – through ultra-high quality web streaming from a state-of-the-art studio, for the ultimate game of chance experience.

The concept is so simple, and based on the traditional casino money wheels – games that casinos use to get players excited and generally to have a bit of fun at the same time. But when the laughter stops, the prizes are real, and players can win decent returns from successful spins.

Dream Catcher Live Casino Game is an intriguing experience, which almost feels like participating in a TV game show. It’s something like Wheel of Fortune, except you also get the benefit of features like multipliers, for even bigger wins.

The game’s presenter spins the Money Wheel, and players place their bets according to the number they want to back. Players win the corresponding odds on their money – 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 5 to 1, and so on, based on the number of their bet. In some ways, this plays like a live action slot, and the multipliers add an additional element of leverage to your winnings that can make this a truly exciting game to play through.

Whether it’s the simple rules that mean virtually anyone can play for real money, or the decent payouts that come from landing at juicy 7x multiplier, while feeling like you’re taking part in an old-school game show, Dream Catcher has an understandable feel. But where did the game come from, and how exactly do the prizes and chances of winning stack up?

Dream Catcher in Land-Based Casinos

Dream Catcher is, in various forms, a common sight at land based casinos across the world. It’s used more as a novelty game to get the party started, as one of the most accessible, most straightforward ways to start gambling in a casino. The noise of the wheel, the big crowds it draws, and the excitement as it comes to rest to a stop makes this a game that has proven enduringly popular in the land-based environments. Evolution Gaming clearly identified this concept and made it their own, in the form of their live action game, but many of the hallmarks of this casino classic remain.

Dream Catcher Live Big Wheel - partycasino

Of course, the Wheel of Fortune-style format has also found its way onto TV game shows, such as the aforementioned. This makes it the perfect point of entry for new gamers, as well as for more experienced hands looking to enjoy the novelty factor.

How Evolution Made it Their Own

The Evolution Gaming version sees a custom made wheel, spun around live on camera through the live action streaming facility of the game. Players make bets based on the number they want to turn up on the next spin, with odds variable depending on the number they have backed. When you add into the mix the advent of multipliers, which help spice things up a bit, there is more than enough action here to make this a fun alternative to taking a slot for a spin.

Play at Dream Catcher PartyCasino

Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming is available for you to enjoy right here at our online casino. Check it out for yourself today, and see if the next spin of the wheel could be a lucky one for you or if you would like something different play the brand new Crazy Time also by Evolution Gaming.