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Dwarven Gems Megaways

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Dwarven Gems Megaways

Navigate the underground passages created by mythical societies from forgotten worlds in Dwarven Gems Megaways from Iron Dog Studios. You’ll encounter Miner Dwarves that constructed the underground passageways that reveal winning combinations & game modifiers. It’ll become the objective of participants to mobilise payouts with betting valuations at £0.10 to £20.00 per spin. 

Dwarven Gems Megaways Slot - partycasino

Dwarven Miners guide gamblers throughout these underground passages, revealing the Wild Substitutes and Free Spins. There could be instances where players are directed towards the Jackpot Passage, allowing staked wagers to multiply by x20000 the value. That’ll convert to payouts worth £400,000.00 as the maximum prize. You wouldn’t anticipate anything less from Dwarven Miners excavating for Gold. 

Dwarven Gems launched in August 2021, showcasing the finest artwork that Iron Dog Studios could construct into a virtual environment. Participants observe Dwarven Miners excavating for Gold, Jewels, and Mythical Artefacts. These characters are digitally created to move upwards & downwards, mimicking artificial breathing to establish natural tendencies behind these Dwarves. But experiences won’t appear realistic, as Cartoon Illustrations are fabricated into this online slot machine. This formalises a light-hearted & straightforward environment for participants. 

Feature Symbols

Dwarven Gems Megaways Featured Symbols - partycasino

Iron Dog Studios manufactured Dwarven Gems Megaways with x15 Symbols that compliment the theme & gameplay mechanics. As standard with most Video Slots, Poker Symbols are reconstructed and themed around colourised gemstones. There’ll be minimal payouts to be acquired throughout these colourised gemstones, for payouts become valuable when Dwarven Characters and Mystical Artefacts are uncovered. There’ll be x4 Dwarfs that each have differing responsibilities. For example, Warrior Dwarves are present. There’ll additionally be Dwarves responsible for Construction, Dynamite, and Explosives. 

Game modifiers are relinquished to players when the Bag of Golden Coins, Pack of Dynamite, Crate of Gemstones, or Jeweled Mirror materialises the reels. Depending on which symbols are revealed to gamblers, bonus features consisting of free spins and Sticky Wilds could be awarded. This will position gamblers to expand their payout probabilities. However, an understanding of these game modifiers is needed beforehand. We’ll explain how these bonus features are played down below.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Dwarven Gems Megaways Bonus - partycasino

Dwarven Gems Megaways is assembled with three-game modifiers that’ll enhance the payout probabilities of players. As mentioned previously, Wild Substitutes and Free Spins are available to gamblers. But there’ll be components involved with these features that players normally wouldn’t consider nor expect. Therefore, explanations that identify what’s included in these game modifiers are highlighted below. 

•       Golden Wilds: Expendable symbols that aren’t rewarding winning combinations are removed from the reels. In return, symbols that’ll have better opportunities at triggering payouts are replaced onto the reels.

•       Dynamite Wilds: Explosive opportunities exist when the Dynamite Wilds are activated. You’ll have Sticky Wilds materialise onto any reel. Moreover, when this Wild Substitute is ending, it’ll explode & affect the eight symbols closest to its position. That could enable an assortment of payouts to become won.

•       Jewelled Free Spins: Beyond any game modifier incorporated into Dwarven Gems Megaways, the Jeweled Free Spins Mode provides the best chances at triggering payouts & winning the maximum prize. It’ll be required that x4 Scattered Jewel Crates materialise onto the 2nd to 5th reels. Afterwards, anywhere from Seven to Eleven Free Spins are won. You could find yourself triggering Wild Substitutes throughout these additional games whenever the Power Gem Symbol makes an appearance. 

Be noted that participants can purchase their Free Spins in quantities of Six to Eleven. When interacting with Free Spins that have been purchased, the maximum payout is increased. It'll be possible to trigger prizes worth x30000 the staked wager. But it'll be challenging to accomplish this objective. Nothing is guaranteed.

Play Dwarven Gems Megaways at PartyCasino

Iron Dog Studios has developed numerous video slots that have excited gamblers for years, including Megaways Jack and Rock the Reels Megaways. But we’d recommend participating with Dwarven Gems Megaways beforehand, as game play feel invigorated & enthralling. There’ll be options to experience Iron Dog Studios latest Video Slot from smartphones and desktops, whereby iOS and Android are supported. Desktop enthusiasts can interact with Dwarven Gems Megaways from Windows & Mac operating systems. However, which platform is selected doesn’t matter. You’ll be guaranteed to have an enjoyable gaming experience regardless of how this game is approached.

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Can I play Dwarven Gems Megaways slot at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Dwarven Gems Megaways slot and many other great titles at PartyCasino.

Who makes Dwarven Gems Megaways Slot?

The Dwarven Gems Megaways slot is made by Iron Dog Studios provider, one of the leading slot machine providers available online.