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Dr Frankenstein

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  • Software: Ruby Play
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 50
  • Reels: 6

It’s hard to know when the first time any of us first heard the name, Frankenstein. Most of us grew up just knowing the name. Maybe it comes as a surprise then that the name was first uttered in popular culture all the way back in 1818, in a book titled ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley. Now, 202 years later, the name still looms large and even can see you win a monstrous sum of cash with Dr Frankenstein, one of Ruby Play’s latest online slot machines with six reels and 50 paylines. What else does this gruesome spinner hold in those mechanics to see you paid out the winnings you’re on the prowl for? Free Spins? Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Dr Frankenstein needs no explanation when it comes to the theme – expect to see creepy visuals, not least the monster that the conflicted doctor created out of his crazed genius. Licensing agreements still need to be agreed, even if the story is 202 years old, and Ruby Play is the iGaming studio that landed it and thus produced the creation we have before us. Ruby Play’s online casino games are always quite visually rich, and you’ll be delighted, albeit creeped out, by the quality of the graphics in this one. Recent releases include Shake Shake Leprechaun and Sun of Ra, and Dr Frankenstein definitely matches both in the desktop and mobile casinos animations department.

This is a medium variance slot, so you won’t have tosit waiting for aeons for wins to land, even though there are six reels.There’s also a RTP ratio of 96.39%, which is exactly what we expect to see inthis day and age. The betting window in Dr Frankenstein is also an elementplayers will appreciate, as it starts at 20p per spin and maxes out at £30. The mostsignificant multiplier that you can win off any given spin, with a little bonusassistance, is 5,400x your bet. Maximum combined with maximum multiplier putthe jackpot at £162,000.

Feature Symbols

There’s a lot of symbols in Dr Frankenstein – almost to thepoint where things become a little convoluted. The symbol that we’re actuallyreferring too is the wild, of which there are about six different variations.There’s the wild and the locked wild, while Frankenstein’s monster also can becomewild, in a green and a red colour scheme. Just a reminder – the wildstands in for all regular icons to create a winning payline.

The regular icons are split into the lower value andhigher value symbols. The lower value ones are suits from a deck of 52 – clubs,diamonds, hearts and spades. The higher value symbols are all part of the eerietheme, and include a test tube selection, books, an electrical unit, a vile ofpotion, the doc’s female assistant and the doctor himself.

Bonuses and Jackpots

You might have noticed, but there hasn’t been mentionof a scatter symbol in Dr Frankenstein. However, there is one that also morphslike a creation of the doctor into a wild. This symbol is the doctor’s monster,and it is essential for players to trigger the free spins feature. You can landthe beast in a green or red colour scheme, and should you manage to land fiveadjacent to one another on the same spin from left to right then, you’ll beawarded eight free spins. It seems a little stingy, especially as you need fivesymbols to trigger the free spins and not the customary 3, but every extramonster over the 5 needed adds another three free spins. If you managed toactivate this feature with red monsters, then they become locked wilds andremain on the reels for the entire free spins.

There’s a load of random features that can also occur, suchas stacked reels, symbols turning wild and multipliers randomly being assignedmultipliers from 2x all the way up to 25x.

Play Dr Frankenstein at PartyCasino

There’s plenty of reasons for you to play Dr Frankenstein. However, we do feel that there are online casino titles out there that are a little easier to take advantage of when it comes to landing bonus features. This being said, wins do seem relatively easy to come by thanks to the medium variance, while the bonus feature, once triggered, will bring you the goods.