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Deal Or No Deal: Go All The Way

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Deal Or No Deal Go All The Way - partycasino

Game shows were all the rage, only to be replaced by Reality TV shows in the popularity pecking order. However, some game shows have stood the test of time, Deal Or No Deal being one of them. There are currently casino games that have taken inspiration from the show hosted by the never ageing Noel Edmunds such as Deal or No Deal Megaways and now we have another in Deal Or No Deal: Go All The Way online slot by Blueprint Gaming. The traditional look and unique winning opportunities suggest great potential, but what will we find when looking a little deeper.

Deal Or No Deal: Go All The Way is a relatively new game having been released towards the end of 2018. The graphics aren’t really what anyone would call ground breaking due to the look Blueprint Gaming has decided to go with – a traditional pub fruity that evokes nostalgia and simplifies gameplay. The game also doesn’t have a look that you might be used to in an online slot, as the reels lie at the bottom of the screen with the recognisable Deal Or No Deal £ values above the reels on the right side of the screen. In the upper middle section of the screen there are some unique features which we’ll come to later.

Things start perking up when you see what jackpot Deal Or No Deal: Go All The Way has in store for you. It’s a whopping £250,000.00, which lies up there with high paying titles. Seeing as the maximum bet amount is £25 per spin it is essentially a 10,000x your bet payout. The amazing thing about this is that you are getting a huge jackpot off an industry low maximum bet. Most online slots require a max £50 and upwards for such possible rewards.

Another aspect that caught the eye was the potential RTP of 97.36% for optimum strategy. Now that has to be among the highest we’ve seen, and trust us when we say we’ve reviewed our fare share of online slot titles.

Feature Symbols

Deal Or No Deal Go All The Way Featured Symbols - partycasino

Blueprint Gaming have modelled the game on a traditional pub fruity, so needless to say the symbols are all fruits. Among these you’ll find the usual grapes, lemons, cherries and oranges. There is also a 7 symbol to go along with the fruits.

The game doesn’t make use of bonus symbols as the action is all determined by the combinations landing on the reels.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Deal Or No Deal Go All The Way Bonus - partycasino

This is where the game loses its simplification somewhat and becomes a little crazy. Instead of using bonus symbols to trigger bonus features the combinations of the reels send the game into overdrive. Players can collect numbers through spins which when a certain number is reached will trigger bonuses. Either a light will blink around the numerical values landing on a potentially tasty cash reward, or you’ll be boosted to another level where another trigger will reward bigger prizes, or lastly the reels will spin to reward a random prize.

There is also a feature called the Superboard that can be triggered through the reels, which has a variety of prizes to award in the form of solid cash. There are 16 different features in the Superboard making it quite unique and extremely fun if landing in it. You can see the names of the features down the left side of the screen, with each being interactive and entertaining. All have high paying potential, too.

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Although this is a profitable game and presents great fun for iGamers it can be a little confusing. The maximum jackpot coupled with the lower than usual maximum bet is a really delectable feature and more than enough to draw most players in seeking their fortune, but this could have perhaps been done on a simpler platform. If you’re a seasoned player and looking for more of a challenge out of online slots then be sure to swing by Deal Or No Deal: Go All The Way to find some thrills. If you’re new to the slots scene rather try a game that doesn’t require a user manual.