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Dead or Alive Saloon

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Dead or Alive Saloon Game Review

Heading to the Wild West is something that punters will likely be familiar with. This theme has been used consistently across a variety of slots, with it now making an appearance in a live casino game show. However, instead of drawing pistols, cards are dealt to each player during Dead or Alive Saloon, with the primary goal being to predict the first playing card that is placed on the table.  

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It may come as no surprise to learn that Dead or Alive Saloon was produced by Evolution Gaming. This release has all the traits of an Evolution title, which includes a unique concept, an immersive studio, and high-quality cameras that offer numerous different angles when covering the action. Titles that share the same aspects include Football Live Studio, Speed Roulette, and Infinite Blackjack, all of which are Evolution releases too!

It's also worth mentioning that this is a live casino game show, meaning that a dealer is present to cover the action. Evolution Gaming has expert hosts that are always more than willing to interact with the players at the table through the chat box. Players can start a round of Dead or Alive Saloon with a minimum stake size of 1.00 per round. The maximum potential win sits at 500,000.00.

Feature Symbols

There are two different types of cards in Dead or Alive Saloon, with the first being standard playing cards. A standard 52 card deck is used and the main objective for players is to predict which of these will be laid on the table first. Players have the choice to play bets on an individual card, or a selection of cards, such as the suit or colour. The potential winnings for this round start at 20x the stake size. However, this can be multiplied with the use of bonus cards.

In total, there are 52 bonus cards, with this deck consisting of three double cards, twenty 20x cards, nineteen 30x cards, three 50x cards, and one 100x card. There are also six bounty cards, which we will touch on in the section below. 

Cards that have a multiplier on them will be added to the potential winnings for that round. For example, if a 20x card is drawn, the multiplier for that round will increase to 40x. Double cards will also multiply the current possible winnings by 2. This continues until a standard playing card is drawn, with any potential winnings being awarded to players that guessed correctly.

Bonuses and Jackpots

As previously mentioned, there are six bounty cards in the deck of bonus cards. Should one of these be drawn by the dealer, an immersive bonus mode will begin immediately. When triggered, players will have the chance to shoot at 1 of 3 different wanted posters. Behind each is a different multiplier value, which will be applied to the bet size if the player predicts the right card.

Play Dead or Alive Saloon at PartyCasino

Evolution Gaming has always specialized in the field of live casino game shows, offering innovative mechanics and engaging visuals to players. The addition of a bonus mode within Dead or Alive Saloon is something that many people will likely appreciate, even if it is incredibly simple! 

Is Dead or Alive Saloon available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Dead or Alive Saloon and a variety of other live game shows can be found at PartyCasino.

Which company created the Dead or Alive Saloon game?

Dead or Alive Saloon was produced by Pragmatic Play.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Dead or Alive Saloon?

If a bounty card is drawn by the dealer, players will be taken to the interactive bonus mode in Dead or Alive Saloon.
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