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Cash Drop

3.8 (5 votes)
  • Software: SUNFOX Games
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 20
  • Reels: 5

The unusual layout of Cash Drop is the first detail that strikes you when you load up this unconventional slot. While there are five reels, as is the norm, and a somewhat standard 20 paylines, the reels are comprised of hexagonal blocks, rather than the normal reel structure. Rather than a fixed three or four position reels, this structure allows the game reels to alternate between four and three symbols on each reel, which opens up new possibilities for completing winning combinations.

This is a game that owes a lot to traditional fruit online slot machines, and you’ll find all manner of fruits taking up the bulk of the reel positions. There are also the usual additional symbols you’d expect to find on a fruit machine, such as lucky 7s, BAR symbols and, if you’re very lucky, the Jackpot 7s.

Each reel position contains one of the nine available symbols, but also a colour, which can be used to create a ‘reaction’ – when you land five or more hexagons of the same colour on your payline. Reactions clear the board of the combination, replacing them with new symbol and colour reel positions, while paying out a win in some circumstances. Either way, landing reactions gives another dimension to the game, in addition to completing winning combinations on any of the 20 paylines.

The highest paying value symbol is the red 7, and landing 5 of these on a payline will net you 1000x. In second place, it’s the blue 7s, and the same combination of five of a kind is worth 800x. Win lines that run through reactions are paid out at 2x, and the Cash Pot accumulator grows with every incremental spin.

Cash Drop is all about the progressive jackpots, and if you’re one of those players who prizes big wins over anything else, this could be the slot for you. Players compete for the chance to win not one, not two but three separate jackpot funds, triggered depending on the number of jackpot symbols turned up on any given spin. These are awarded for landing jackpot icons anywhere on your reels, and pay out the ever-increasing jackpot amount noted in the prize ticker for each of the three progressive jackpot funds.

Bonuses & Jackpots

The only bonus symbol you need to pay attention to in Cash Drop is the jackpot symbol. This is the yellow 7 with the knowing eyes, and when you line up enough of these on the reels, you’ll trigger one of the three progressive jackpots up for grabs in this game.

The first jackpot comes with landing three of these symbols, and they don’t have to fall on a payline – anywhere on the reels will do the trick. Three jackpot symbols win the Mini Jackpot, which as the name suggests, is the smaller of the progressive prize funds on offer.

Next there’s the Midi Jackpot, which is won by landing four of the jackpot symbols, before the game’s biggest progressive, the Maxi Jackpot, which comes with five of a kind of these symbols.

Win line multipliers are also available in the game, and you build these up as you spin through different combinations and reactions. These are applied to any winnings in the multiple specified, assuming you spin winning combinations while a multiplier is active.

Reactions pay out at 2x any combinations on paylines contained within the reaction, or a straight 2x multiple of your spin bet if there are no winning combinations. The game RTP stands at 95.16%, which is considered high for a slot with progressive jackpots.