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Boxes Dare2Win

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Boxes Dare2Win Casino Game Review

Hacksaw Gaming is back with a very similar release to what we previously saw from this casino games developer. It's unclear which studio started the craze, but we seem to be seeing an emergence of online casino games not too dissimilar to online slots but places more control with the player to cash out or play on for bigger wins. This game is Boxes Dare2Win, and also goes with the Minesweeper concept of picking the right boxes to build a cash pile. Let's take a closer look and see what kind of dosh you'll be looking to take from the latest release at our casino site.

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It wasn't too long ago you saw Dare2Win in an online casino game title. On that occasion, the name of the game was Mines Dare2Win, which when looking at the two games next to each other, there isn't really too much difference. Interestingly, there was another title released by Gaming Corps called Mining Madness, which uses the same concept as Hacksaw Gaming has been going for. We'll get to the technicalities in a little bit, but at the end of the day, all these new casino games are games of chance that can see you quit while ahead or go for more cash.

Something that fans of this new line of Hacksaw games might like is that high rollers can wager more than usual when playing. The most any player can stake is 1000.00 per round, which is one of the highest numbers you’re likely to see here at our casino site as a maximum bet. However, if you're in it for a bit of fun, then you can play for a minimum of 0.20, which won't see you earn the most amazing returns but still offers up some thrills. The most you'll be able to win from a round of Boxes Dare2Win is 537x your stake, which is a relatively low number from a game outside of the slots category.

How To Play Boxes Dare2Win

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Just like with Mines Dare2Win, Boxes Dare2Win asks that you click on blank spaces to return one of 2 symbols. The first is a diamond, which means a win and, thus a cash return. Should you reveal a diamond, you have the choice of selecting another box in order to grow your cash with the possibility of another diamond. Alternatively, you can take the cash you've built by revealing diamonds by cashing out. The second symbol is a bomb, and just like with Minesweeper, showing a bomb means the round is over, and you lose your stake, as well as any cash you've built through the round, by revealing diamond icons. Ideally, you want to pick enough consecutive diamonds and call it right by cashing out at the right time.

Unlike Mines which consisted of a square grid, Boxes Dare2Win sees the boxes stand in a pyramid shape. Before any box picking gets going, you'll need to choose how much you want to stake, select how many rows of boxes you want and also the difficulty level. More rows means more boxes and, therefore better odds of picking a diamond. However, the tiers of difficulty are Easy, Medium and Hard, and going with Medium or Hard means more bombs lying under the empty spaces. The upside of Harder levels is that revealing a diamond means a bigger cash return. The decisions you make can be crucial.

What To Look Out For

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As with other titles in this genre, there isn't really any added value. You are entirely responsible for what outcome the game returns, although, of course, you have no way of knowing what icons are lying below the empty spaces.

Play Boxes Dare2Win at PartyCasino

We still maintain that you’ll struggle to find casino game thrills such as the ones this wave of releases is dishing out. Whether you go with a lower number of boxes or a higher, or an easier than a harder level, one of those bombs can send your round up in smoke quicker than you can blink. This makes Boxes Dare2Win really exciting, and means each decision you make can be a great one, or, ultimately a poor one.

How to Play Boxes Dare2Win Slot?

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Can I play Boxes Dare2Win at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Boxes Dare2Win and many other great titles at PartyCasino.

Who makes Boxes Dare2Win?

Boxes Dare2Win is made by Hacksaw Gaming, one of the leading casino game providers online.

How do I get into the bonus round?

There is no bonus round in Boxes Dare2Win, as the game results depend entirely on the decisions of the player.
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