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Mining Madness

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  • Software: Gaming Corps
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Mining Madness Casino Game Review

Are you looking for something that can provide you with a few thrills? Perhaps a bit of risk, but also some excellent reward? Your favourite casino site might just have found something you didn't know you needed, but will love to have discovered. Mining Madness follows one of the most crackers hillbillies to have graced your screen, and while he looks a day late and a dollar short in almost every aspect of his life, the treasure that he's sitting on can make this a mining expedition that leaves your pockets bursting at the seams. It’s not a table game or a live casino game, so what is Mining Madness? Let’s take a closer look.

Mining Madness Slot - partycasino

Mining Madness is not your typical slot game with standard reels and paylines. It has been made by a company called Gaming Corps, which might be unfamiliar to you right now, but as we speak, we can imagine the name becoming more popular thanks to its latest creation. The game looks like a slot in that it consists of a 5 reel x 5 row grid, but instead of seeing reels spinning, you rather need to select windows in the grid. This isn't a live casino game like Cash or Crash Live in that there isn’t a dealer manning it all, which means that all the selections are up to you.

Before we come to how playing Mining Madness is done, you’ll see that the miner, named Billy-Boyd Skeeter, is present at all times. He isn't quite altogether right in the head, so know that while he's placed treasure around the grid, he's also accidentally dropped loads of dynamite. In wagering cash, you're taking a chance that treasure or explosions will occur, with the minimum you can stake being 0.10 with the maximum 5.00. If you play with the sound effects off mute, you'll have Billy-Boyd's creepy grunts coming at you quite regularly, so please note that playing with the mute button on is completely fine.

Feature Symbols

You'll first need to choose how much you want to stake for the round you're about to commence. The objective of the game is to start selecting windows in the grid. A window will reveal a cash return or a dynamite explosion. If you disclose cash, you can either collect your winnings or select another window for a potential cash prize or dynamite. If you reveal an explosion, then the round is over, and you lose your stake. You can keep going at long as you reveal cash. The trick is when to cash out. One extra window selection could result in all your money being blown to smithereens.

Mining Madness Dynamite Loss - partycasino

You'll see when you choose your wager before the round starts that you can also choose how many bombs are planted in the grid. For example, if you only have one bomb on the grid, then returns on successful cash windows are lower than if you upped the risk and decided to have four bombs planted on the grid. It's all risk and reward.

Bonuses and Jackpots

Mining Madness Treasure Boost - partycasino

There is a bit of assistance during play, and it comes via something called Treasure Boost. In order to get the benefits of the Treasure Boost, you'll need to be playing a round using between 3 – 20 hidden bombs on the grid. Once you've managed to successfully reveal enough treasure windows without setting off a bomb, Treasure Boost icons will appear on various windows in order to make choosing windows easier, and thus the chances of selecting a treasure window are higher than picking a bomb and losing your stake.

Play Mining Madness at PartyCasino

This is one of the first casino games we’ve reviewed in some time that falls neither into the online slots nor live casino games categories. Mining Madness is really fun to play and far more interactive than what you might be used to. The only issue is that wins are relatively low in value unless you add enough bombs beneath the windows, upping the risk. The Treasure Boost aspect also seems quite underwhelming, leaving Mining Madness without an actual bonus feature. It’s certainly a game that provides entertainment, just not quite at perhaps the rewarding rate you’d like.

How to Play Mining Madness Slot?

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1) Can I play Mining Madness at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Mining Madness and many other great titles at PartyCasino.

2) Who makes Mining Madness?

Mining Madness is made by Gaming Corps, one of the leading casino game providers online.

3) How do I get into the bonus round?

Mining Madness doesn't have a bonus round, although staking with three or more dynamites will bring the Treasure Boost into play.