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Bands Who Rock Online Slots

You know you’ve made it in the music business when you get a slot game. Sort of like a badge of honour, some of the greatest rock bands in the world have been transformed into licensed slots games, with developers drawing on the music, imagery and other associated elements of the artist to create graphics, soundtracks and bonuses that keep us coming back, spin after spin.

Much like celebrated TV and film franchises, bands have been used by slots developers to create some massively playable and high paying slots titles, many of which are enjoyed by fans the world over each and every day. With so many great musical slots titles out there, it can be hard to know which to choose – particularly if you’re just looking to rock out to something you haven’t played before.

With that in mind, here are a few of our recommended rock music slots, and some of the bands that have been lucky enough to be immortalised in some incredibly fun online video slots.

Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap Vip - partycasino

Spinal Tap fans won’t be disappointed with this themed slot from Blueprint Gaming. Soundtracked by the band themselves, Spinal Tap Slot captures the comedy stylings of the film so well, running throughout its graphics and gameplay features. The reels are made up of band members, plus a number of other symbols you can line up in combinations to win prizes. The bonus features are all themed around the band and their story too, so you can expect some laughs along the way as you spin this fantastic rock-themed slot.

With up to 2187 paylines playable. If you’re a fan of 80s hair metal or you just enjoy the film original, Spinal Tap is well worth a spin on your next slots session.

Guns ‘N Roses

Guns And Roses - partycasino

Few bands have had the global impact or longevity of Guns ‘N Roses, with a back catalogue that continues to inspire rock fans of all ages around the world. Axl Rose and the gang were and remain larger than life figures, written into music legend as rock stars on a truly international scale. We’ve all heard the stories of wild parties, tantrums and worse – but what’s rock and rock without the good stuff? It’s all captured incredibly well by NetEnt in the slots game of the same name.

Fans of the band are a shoe-in to love this, even if only for the soundtrack. But behind all the Guns ‘N Roses styled designs, there’s actually some impressive game stuff going on behind the scenes. And when you factor in some of the themed bonus features, and their ability to enhance your potential winnings on a given spin, it’s safe to say NetEnt have done a good job by the band and their slots-playing fans. Well worth a spin for fans of the band, as well as those just out to try something new.

Jimi Hendrix

Few guitarists have proven as influential as Jimi Hendrix. Gone long before his time, Hendrix left a legacy in music that has been unrivalled since, regarded by many as the best rock guitarist ever to have lived. His virtuoso musicianship was often accompanied by a presence and performance yet to be matched. No wonder then that Hendrix was a prime candidate for an online slots game, themed around his music and stage show.

Famed for his psychedelic sound, that’s what you can expect from the graphics and design of this slots title. You’ll also get a range of bonus features, all themed around classic songs from Hendrix. Fans of the man himself will adore this slot for the soundtrack alone. But when it comes down to brass tacks, there’s some good money to be won here too. The Hendrix slot is a great shout for any fans of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, or anyone who enjoys rock-themed slots.

These are but a handful of the very best in rock music-themed slots. No doubt in future, more similar slots will be created based on the icons of today, though it’s difficult to imagine musicians as iconic as those featured within our selection.

If slots developers can keep packing in great features, and combining rock-themed slots with tasty possible jackpots, there’s no reason why more rock slots can’t join this lineup in future. Pick your favourite, and try out a rock-themed slot today.