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Azteca: Cash Collect

Azteca: Cash Collect Slot Review

In the realm of online slots, one title stands out from our vast treasure chest of slot games: Azteca Cash Collect, a creation of none other than Playtech Origins. Just at first glimpse, this slot already does more than just spin the reels; it transports you through the annals of time, to an era long before Europeans ever set foot on American soil. 

Azteca Cash Collect Slot - partycasino

The moment you load the game, you'll find yourself standing at the heart of the Aztec Empire. The panorama that unfolds before your eyes would be reminiscent of what Diaz del Castillo might have described as the Enchanted City. 

As you gaze upon the screen, a glistening blue waterfall adds another layer of allure to the scene, surrounded by lush greenery just waiting to be explored. The overall effect is a scene both calming and awe-inspiring, reminiscent of the complexity the Aztec civilisation itself. And with a total of 30 paylines, the gameplay that follows promises high stakes, making Azteca Cash Collect Slot a journey through history and fortune that's truly unforgettable.

Featured Symbols

Azteca Cash Collect Symbols - partycasino

Among the lower-paying symbols, you'll find the familiar J, Q, K, and A, each potentially rewarding you with 1.50 times your stake when you land five. These symbols, while seemingly basic, seamlessly blend into the game's aesthetic, feeling less like afterthoughts and more like deliberate stylistic choices. However, it's the high-paying symbols that truly bring the Aztec era to life. With them, you'll discover necklaces, earrings, purple drums, paddles, and masks, each offering payouts ranging from 2.50 to 6 times your bet. 

Bonuses and Jackpots

Azteca Cash Collect Bonus - partycasino

At the heart of Azteca Cash Collect, where history and fortune intertwine, lies the Bonus Wheel. To unlock its secrets, you must land both the elusive Cash Collect Symbol and the enigmatic Bonus Wheel Symbol. Once triggered, three wheels emerge, painted in hues of blue, green, and red, each concealing potential prizes. Here, winnings manifest as Cash Prize Coins, offering values that span from 0.5 times to a staggering 15 times your wager. But the wheel holds more than mere coinage; it also holds the coveted Free Games Coins, promising a bounty of +3 to +10 Free Games.

Should you unlock the Advance Feature, you elevate your position in this game within a game, enhancing your prospects for potential rewards. Yet, the Bonus Wheel harbours even more mysteries, as it can also activate the Wild Respin and Aztec Respin features.

Play Azteca: Cash Collect at PartyCasino

In the vast desert of online slots, Azteca: Cash Collect emerges as a mirage of historical grandeur. While many slots promise adventure, this one offers a unique step back in time to an empire nearly forgotten, yet eternally unforgettable. The theme transports you to the heart of the Aztec civilisation, where majestic relics and mystic symbols whisper ancient secrets. Still, it's the Bonus Wheel that sets this slot apart offering not just rewards, but an unparalleled journey through time and fortune. Come try out Azteca: Cash Collect at PartyCasino – where history meets gameplay, and every spin is a portal to the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Azteca: Cash Collect available to play at PartyCasino?

Of course! Azteca: Cash Collect is yet another title players will encounter at PartyCasino.

Which software provider is behind the Azteca: Cash Collect slot?

Azteca: Cash Collect was crafted by Playtech Origins, a developer known for out-of-the-box slot themes.

How do players activate the Bonus Wheel Symbol mode in Azteca: Cash Collect?

To activate the Bonus Wheel Symbol mode in Azteca: Cash Collect, players need to land both a Cash Collect Symbol and a Bonus Wheel Symbol on the reels. This combination triggers the Bonus Wheel feature, unveiling a world of hidden treasures and gameplay options within the slot.