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anderthals slot

Many of you will know of – or at least heard of – a Neanderthal. These beings were a sub-species of humans, and their last recorded existence was over 40,000 years ago. Needless to say, these were the original cavemen, and only their rock paintings and fossils reveal their signature on this planet. But wait! JustForTheWin studios have released Anderthals online slot, a game that’s bringing these relic beings back to life, as well as giving you plenty of opportunities to get some unbelievable winnings. Wild symbols, a bonus feature and more are giving you everything you need to make some cash, so let’s see what the Anderthals are offering in this blast of a game.

You might not have seen the name JustForTheWin Studios before. Still, in all honesty, this is just a subsidiary of Microgaming, which is definitely a name you will have seen before. Microgaming has been powering some of the biggest online casinos in the world since the 90s. And their titles have been quite prominent in producing innovations. With Anderthals online slot, we have 2 Neanderthals which are likely a married couple and expect to see them throughout the gameplay giving the winning chances you’re playing for. The action is all available from iOS and Android mobile phones, making it easier for you to spin the reels whenever you want. The graphics are relatively good, being made up of rich animations that most rival studios would likely aspire to.

anderthals win

Most of the elements in Anderthals slot are quite reasonable when weighing them up to the industry standard. The return to player ratio that you can expect is 96.12%, which isn’t bad at all. This is the optimum, so always maintain a responsible strategy. The wagering window available to you also tows the line in being very wide, making the betting limits manageable for all players. The most you’ll be able to bet is £100, while the lowest amount you can drop is a very modest 10p. There’s a jackpot amount of just under £250,000.00, so start looking for some four-leaf clovers, because that is a magical amount.

Feature Symbols

anderthals symbols

As we mentioned earlier, the stars of the show are the Anderthals themselves, and they both serve as symbols in the game. They even have names, that we wouldn’t imagine Neanderthals used 40,000 years ago, being Andy and Annie. They are joined by the game’s logo and the T-Rex as the higher paying icons in the game. As is very standard, there are also symbols on the reels that are suit symbols from playing cards – diamonds, hearts, clubs and aces. These don’t have high values, but if they make up a 5 of a kind win, then it’s a cash prize none-the-less.

The T-Rex icon carries extra value in that it’s the wild symbol. This means it can stand in for any regular icon to create a winning payline, while it’s also the highest value icon in the game.

Bonuses and Jackpots

There’s pretty much all the bonus features you’d hope to see in an online slots game, however you go about triggering them in an alternative way. Instead of JustForTheWin using a scatter symbol to trigger any feature, they’ve gone about it a different way. You’ll see above each reel a random icon of added value. For example, you could see a multiplier amount above a reel, free spins or wild functionality. In order to get one of these bonus features applied to a spin result, you’ll need to land two flame torch symbols on the reels. Whatever bonus feature is above the reel the torch symbols land on will be applied. There’s great value here, so hope to land those torches as often as possible.

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On one hand, Anderthals felt like quite a unique online slot to play, while on the other it felt like we’d played it numerous times before. This is because the way you go about achieving bonuses isn’t common at all, and actually quite fun. However, the theme, wagering amounts and reel structure are all quite standard and in line with the norm. The game is definitely worth a bash, and with any luck, the Anderthals could be making you their new favourite modern-day human!