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All You Can Spin Sushi

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  • Software: StakeLogic
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
  • Paylines: 5
  • Reels: 3
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If there’s one night of the week, we love it’s the ‘all you can eat sushi’ night. Sitting behind that conveyer belt with California roll after California roll floating on past, failing to make it past the clutches of our out-stretched chopsticks! Well, what if we told you there was something even better than all you can eat sushi? How about All You Can Spin Sushi slot, a new slot game online that combines one of the most delectable dishes on the planet with a progressive jackpot to rule them all? It’s all right here, and we’re going into the kitchen to see how this recipe was prepared, as well as just what winning potential is on the chopping block.

While it all sounds quite incredible, which parts ofit certainly are, there isn’t much to marvel at from an aesthetics point ofview. The animations are kept very basic, in an almost anime kind of way. Thegame only consists of three reels and three rows, giving you only fivepaylines. Because of various studios going all out and punting paylinesnumbering in the hundreds of thousands these days, having only five paylinesdoes sound a little weak. Still, we can assure you that it’s all down to gamevolatility, and this is a pretty stable game, with wins coming quite regularly.The setting of the game is, where else, a Japanese restaurant, which is quiterichly displayed if playing on you iOS or Android device.

One must remember that All You Can Spin Sushi is a progressive jackpot game, which will always be the primary objective when playing – to win the massive jackpot that lies within. These progressive slots often don’t have the best stats – the return to player ratio is only 93.1%. However, this is understandable when considering the about that could be paid out to you if you play your spins right. Remember, playing at the maximum bet, although risky, is the path to landing the maximum possible payout.


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Studios have never really saved their best themes forprogressive titles. This is in no way supposed to be offensive to the sushitheme! It’s just that there isn’t any point in putting significant resourcesinto a title that is only attractive for its mind-blowing jackpot potential.You’ll find the symbols in All You Can Spin Sushi verybasic. Most of them are different variations of sushi. There are eightdifferent pieces of sushi that act as symbols, and these account for the lowervalue to medium value icons. The two highest-paying icons in the game are thesushi chefs. The two symbols are actually the same chef. However, one hasflames in the background, while the other has a reasonably straightforwardbackground. These two chef icons are also wild, meaning they can substitute allthe sushi piece symbols to create winning paylines.

Bonusesand Jackpots

Let’s not beat around the seaweed here, the mainattraction of this game is the progressive jackpot. You can drop all the mostinnovation bonus features you like into this title and players still wouldn’tcare about anything other than the massive prize on offer. The progressivejackpot can be triggered at any time, at which point you are taken to adifferent screen where you’ll need to spin a wheel of fortune. The wheel canland on any one of 5 different colours, all representing a different sizepayout.

  • Orange– Blitz Jackpot
  • Red– Quick Cash Jackpot
  • Blue– Super Cash Jackpot
  • Green– Mega Cash Jackpot
  • Lavender– Colossal Cash Jackpot

The one you want to land in the Colossal.

PlayAll You Can Spin Sushi at PartyCasino

So, there you have it, All You Can Spin Sushi slot in a nutshell. As we explained, there will only really be one reason you come to play this game, and that’s for the monster payout that lies within. Besides that, there isn’t much else to mention. The wild symbols are a nice touch and will help you win slightly more than the usual, but keep your eyes out for that wheel you’ll need to spin when it pops up.