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Adventures in Wonderland

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Few children’s stories have captured the imagination as much as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s world-famous 1865 novel. Over a century and a half on from the original idea, the story has spawned countless films and adaptations, keeping the tales of Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and their adventures in Wonderland relevant to a modern audience. Ash Gaming took this one step further, spinning the concept into a slots game that will appeal to the child in any online gambler.

Behind the beautifully drawn theme, which features the full cast of characters you’ll be expecting, this is a huge jackpot slots game that packs a seriously grown-up punch. This is a progressive slot, which is very much a flag for experienced players – it’s all about the potentially massive jackpot win that can come with landing the progressive. The in-game wins of 10,000x are good enough, but win the progressive and you could be looking at a much larger take-home. Just look at some the nice items people have bought from winning jackpots.

The game itself is a fairly standard 5 reel affair, with 20 paylines paying out across the reels. All you have to do is match a paying combination in any qualifying pattern and you’re quids in. With free spins, bonuses and other goodies along the way, there’s more than enough going on in Adventures in Wonderland to keep even the most avid slots player entertained.

As you venture down the rabbit hole to explore the delights of Wonderland in full progressive format, there are a few symbols you’ll need to know that could be the difference between an average spin and a life-changing win.

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Feature Symbols

There are three bonus games in Adventures in Wonderland, which can be triggered by landing three or more of the relevant symbols anywhere on the board.

Mad Hatter: Three or more of the Mad Hatter scatter symbols on your reels will trigger the bonus round. You’ll also get a scatter bonus, based on the number of these symbols appearing at any one time. This is where you’re in with your best chance of scooping up the progressive jackpot.

Rabbit Hole: Three or more of these symbols triggers the Rabbit Hole bonus game, where instant prizes can be won as Alice descends down the rabbit hole. Again, there is also a scatter bonus for landing these symbols which will be credited to your bankroll, depending on the number of these symbols you are able to land.

White Rabbits: These symbols are the key to triggering the third bonus, the Pocket Watch Bonus. Again, you need to land three or more of these symbols to trigger the bonus game.

Adventures in Wonderland Bonus Games

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: In this bonus game, you choose one of the four characters at the tea party. You’re looking for the character who will take the longest to drink their tea – the longer they take to finish, the more of a reward you’ll collect in the bonus game. And if they start adding sugar to their tea, that’s when you know you’re in line for a progressive jackpot win.

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Rabbit Hole Bonus: As Alice falls down the Rabbit Hole in this bonus round, she’ll pick up random prizes along the way. These can be worth anything from 8x to 22x your stake, so it can be a decent paying bonus when it appears.

Pocket Watch Bonus: The third and final bonus game is the Pocket Watch bonus. The number of times the rabbit’s watch stops is equivalent to the number of free spins you’ll collect – ranging from 7 free spins up to 20. Obviously the more free spins the better, so you better hope the watch is playing up.

Play Adventures in Wonderland Slots

Adventures in Wonderland will take you back to the first time you discovered Lewis Carroll’s timeless story. The graphics and game narrative are impressive for a slots game, and when you consider the potential for massive and even progressive wins, it’s clearly a game you should be checking out.

Discover Adventures in Wonderland from Ash Gaming today, available right here at our Jackpot Slots page.