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Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

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Today, we’ve got something a little different, and it all takes place with real casino personnel operating actual casino equipment. The game is Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live, and it comes hot on the heels of the brand new online slots title Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech. This titan of a casino software studio has found a way to bring their very well-animated slot to life with this live dealer game. And we’ll be taking you through the various aspects, such as how to play and also what bonuses and jackpots the game will be throwing your way. Let’s see what this tea party has in store for us.

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How To Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

First of all, you all might have heard of Playtech, as they’re very well-known for their online slot machines and jackpot slots with superb graphics. Not every single release of theirs constitutes as top online slot games, but Playtech definitely is up there with the best in the business. Evolution Gaming has basically dominated the live casino game space since its inception, so it’s interesting to see Playtech step into this space.

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The concept of Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live is very similar to Crazy Time and Monopoly Live and is relatively easy to play. Once opening the game, you’ll be greeted by a real-life casino game operator standing in front of a spinning wheel. The wheel has a selection of numbers, with 1s and 2s taking up the majority of the wheel spaces, while five features slightly less and there is also the occasional ten on the wheel. There are also unique spaces in the wheel that will award added value should you land on them.

You’ll only need to wager on which number you believe the wheel will land in, and if you choose the correct number, you’ll get a return multiplied by the number you wagered on. Easy, right?

What To Look Out For

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There are bonuses that can fall your way. At the time of writing, this game was still to be released, so minimal details are currently known about the bonus features, but Playtech has released the names of these bonuses. They go by the following:

  • 10x Card Soldiers’ Mystery Bet Multiplier
  • 8x Caterpillar’s Mystery Free Spin Multipliers
  • A multiplier of 100x Your Bet with Magic Dice

What these tell us is that you can expect a rabbit hole filled with multipliers, plus a free spins round that makes complete sense, seeing as this wheel does indeed spin. We cannot be sure what the maximum wagering amount in Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live will be, or the minimum wagering amount for that matter, but 100x your bet as a maximum payout is pretty good for any live casino game.

Another thing to look out for is the outfits that the live dealers appear to be wearing in the promotional imagery that’s gone out. It looks like the Alice in Wonderland theme applies to more than just the spinning wheel, but also the clothes being donned by the casino staff.

Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live at PartyCasino!

Live casino games are very interactive and create an opportunity for players to try something new if they’ve never experienced them before. Adventures Beyond Wonderland – the live casino version – isn’t complex at all, and players looking for live dealer experience before going into something like live blackjack or roulette can start here. You can find casino games here that fall into myriad genres, so peruse the isles of our titles, most of which you can play for free.