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Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard

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  • Software: CR Games
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Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard Game Review

This instant-win follows the Luck of the Irish theme, with players trying to find gold at the end of a rainbow. Like with many similar games, Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard is incredibly straightforward to play. After selecting an appropriate stake size, players simply need to reveal what is hidden behind the rainbow. 

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There are different colours to find, with matching 5 in a row being the main objective! During the base game, however, the only paylines are horizontal ones, meaning that the colours will need to fall along the same row.

Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard was produced by CR Games, who have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating simple yet entertaining casino games. Perhaps their most popular title is a slot known as Well Well Well, which also has a sequel in the form of Well Well Well Buckets O’ Gold. As the name of their main titles would suggest, this provider clearly has a preference for Irish-themed games.

Featured Symbols

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Unlike with many other instant-win games, there are no set main symbols within Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard. The aim of players is to land as many of the same colour as possible along any of the rows. When scratching off the various sections, there are a total of 7 colours to look out for, ensuring that this game perfectly matches the rainbow theme. In order of ascending desirability, the available colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and finally, violet. 

Bonuses And Jackpots

There are two different features within Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard that can alter the gameplay slightly. The first is known as Queen's random trial, which can trigger when there are enough matching combinations. 

Players can monitor the progress of this feature on the right, with different sections glowing as matches are formed. When this bar is completely full, the user will be prompted to make a selection, before potentially being awarded the prize shown. It's worth noting that the prize awarded in this mode is predetermined, like the rest of the potential outcomes in this game. 

Bonus number two is the Queens feature. As the name suggests, this bonus can trigger randomly at any time. Should this happen, then additional paylines will be introduced. Instead of only horizontal lines being awarded to the player, vertical and diagonal combinations will be, too. The Queens feature is the main bonus within Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard, with the largest possible win potential.

Play Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard at PartyCasino

For anyone that likes to play simple online casino games, Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard could potentially be one to check out. While this instant-win game is incredibly straightforward, the addition of two possible bonuses can definitely raise the excitement levels!

Is Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard available to play at PartyCasino?

Yes, Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard and many other popular instant-win games can be found at PartyCasino.

Who made the Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard game?

Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard was produced by CR Games.

How do players unlock the bonus mode in Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard?

There are two bonus features in Rainbow Rewards Scratchcard. One is awarded randomly, while the other is triggered whenever enough matching combinations are achieved.
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