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My Best Bet: The Casino Games You Have The Highest Chance of Winning At

With so many different online casino games to choose from, there are multiple different ways of winning money. The trick is to find those games where, either by your own skill and understanding, or by the inherent probabilities of the game, you have a higher chance of winning compared to other games.

There are several different games that stand out as the highest paying, which will invariably constitute your best bet when it comes to deciding how to apportion your bankroll. While the skill-based games see their house edge entirely dependent on your understanding of basic strategy, there are other games that will require nothing more than their in-built house edge to offer you a leg up over other, similar games.

So without further ado, here’s our top pick casino games which offer you ‘the best bet’ – the best odds of return, based on the house edge.

Blackjack – House Edge – 1.5%+

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So often the favourite amongst serious gamblers and high rollers, blackjack is preferred purely because of its very slim house edge. As a game of skill, reaching this house edge assumes you are playing the perfect game, and that your decision making is mathematically optimal across every hand. As a result, there’s a real incentive to brush up on your skills, because at this RTP, blackjack is a tantalising proposition.

With a house edge of just 1.5% at its lowest, this is pretty much as good as it gets for table games – you won’t find a better house edge, perhaps with the exception of some craps bets, and even then, the difference is slight. If you want to give it a try, you can play online blackjack here at PartyCasino.

Craps – House Edge 1.4%-5%

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Dice betting game Craps offers a house edge from around 1.4% for the pass bet, which pays at 1 to 1. Of course, this isn’t a generous as the payout at the roughly equivalent house edge in blackjack, which pays out at 3 to 2 – so effectively, even though the house edge is marginally stronger for this single craps bet than it is in blackjack, blackjack still invariably proves to be the more profitable bet between the two. Nevertheless, at just 1.4%, it’s worthy of a mention in the same breath as other high paying casino games.

Note that different bets carry a different house edge, and that this ranges up to 5%, depending on the bet you choose. So it’s not always the case that craps offers a better house edge than blackjack, and in most cases you’ll be better playing optimal strategy in blackjack rather than taking your chances on a craps bet.

Three Card Poker – House Edge 1.5%+

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Another game with a house edge that narrows as you get better, three card poker ranges from just a 1.5% disadvantage against the house. If you’ve spent time improving your poker play, or working on your decision-making, you’ll be able to reduce the house edge to around this level by implementing the mathematically right move at every turn. Easier said than done, of course, but the dividend is there for those who want to invest their time and energy in getting better.

Individual game rules will influence the RTP here too, so it shouldn’t be taken as a given that you’ll be playing with a slim house edge. But if you know where to look, and which casinos to play at, it’s possible to find low house edge versions of this game.

Video Poker – 0.5%-1.5%

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Video poker generally offers the lowest house edge amongst the chance-based games, and even more-so when you play with max coins. In some cases, max coins even tilts the RTP into positive territory, when you factor in the bonus for landing a royal flush. As always, you need to be playing properly, making the correct decisions with every hand – but as many video poker machines do the legwork for you in suggesting how to play, this needn’t be too difficult.

Note that the positive RTP doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to win – just that over the long term, you are not at a disadvantage to the casino over random chance. Compared to some other casino games, that’s an incredibly strong position to be in.

Slots – 2%-8%

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Another low-ish house edge type of game is online slots, which tend to range from 95% RTP right up to about 98%. These are completely chance based – set your bet, take your spin, and cross your fingers that the combinations land to pay out a decent reward. You should be selective with your games, with some clearly offering a higher return to player percentage than others, but when the wins can fall thick and fast, slots can be a good option for players looking to win big.

Progressive slots often have a higher house edge, towards the 8% end of the scale – however, these are the games where the jackpots often can and do run into the hundreds of thousands, even millions – so in some cases, it may be worth chancing it with the higher house edge.

There are no right and wrong answers here. While some casino games do offer a better house edge than others, you also need to weigh up the upside potential, in terms of how much you can expect to win when things go well. Balancing these factors is what will ensure you’re in the best position to win from your casino session.