Mother’s Day Madness: The perfect present for the 22nd

Mother’s Day is coming up again, and it is time to show our appreciation for our hard-working mums who continue to make sure we are well-fed and happy. If you are the type of person who never knows what to buy and want to do something a little bit more special than chocolates, shower kits or flowers this year, here are some perfect Mother’s Day present ideas.

1.    Go on a Trip Together

Your mother probably doesn’t see as much of you as she
would like. Work and life can be busy, and you already have so many social
engagements to attend. Why not surprise her by booking a trip just for the two
of you somewhere special? Maybe you will enjoy a staycation at a nearby city
and see a show or why not book that dream escape she never got around to
enjoying – perhaps even a trip to Vegas to play the slots?

2.   Book a Spa Retreat

Most mothers would love to be pampered for a day or a
weekend, so why not book a spa retreat for her to enjoy. If you don’t want to
go yourself, you can always send your sister or your mum’s best friend along
with her to keep her company.

Spa days are a great way to say thank you and help your mum
relax after years of doing what is best for you and working hard.

3.   Throw a Party

Have you ever heard of a Mother’s Day party? Probably not
because very few people throw them. Yet, they can be a lot of fun and one of
the biggest surprises for your mum. These work best if you have a lot of
siblings because you can all get together to throw your mum a surprise dinner
party at home or even at an exclusive venue.

Bring the whole family together with a Mother’s Day party
this year!

4.   Make a Personalised Book

A new trend of people making a special type of book has
emerged. You don’t need to be the super creative one to do it – although you
can be – as many companies will make a professional book for you. Inside the
book, you may tell a story through illustrations and make it perfect to fit you
and your mother’s journey together. Include funny quotes, anecdotes, and even
attach photos!

5.   Take a Class Together

If you are set on giving your mother an experience, a class
is one of the best ways to dot hat. Make it personal to your mum so if she
likes cooking, baking, painting, pottery or breakdancing, book a class that
matches her hobbies. You may have to go outside of your comfort zone to go with
her – but make sure you do!

Buying a book, flowers or chocolates are still great gifts,
but if you want to go the extra mile this Mother’s Day, why not consider the
memorable gifts above this year?