Netflix is big bucks for actors, given that it’s the most popular streaming service globally with over 203 million subscribers to date, with 13 million of those in the UK alone, but which celebs are currently topping the Netflix charts?

Our research team at Party Casino have done the research and here’s the low down with the top ten shows streaming on Netflix, including which actors are getting the most views. And here’s a clue, it’s a UK actor who appears in two of the ten on our list:

1) Extraction – Chris Hemsworth, potentially Australia’s best export to date, tops the chart with this 2020 blockbuster raking in over 99 million views to date. The Thor star continues to thrill viewers in this action-packed Netflix film.

2) Bird Box – Sandra Bullock is no stranger to topping the film charts and her 2018 Netflix made film, Bird Box has so far clocked up 89 million views. Perhaps not a surprise that it’s made the top ten since it was a global hit with viewers, less so with film critics though.

3) Spenser Confidential – Mark Wahlberg stars in this Netflix film to uncover a sinister conspiracy. So far this has been viewed over 85 million times and the teen pop idol turned actor, proves that he really is an A lister when it comes to acting.

4) 6 Underground – This Netflix made film stars Ryan Reynolds who fakes his death with the aim to take down a brutal dictator. This 2019 thriller has gained over 83 million views to date, no doubt down to this award-winning actor.

5) Murder Mystery –This Netflix dark crime comedy film not only has a stunning filming location, the Riviera, it has two of Hollywood’s best actors. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler lead the cast in this Who-Done-It thriller which has built up over 83 million views.

6) The Old Guard – Charlize Theron, the South African, Oscar winning actress, takes the lead role in this action thriller which has gained over 78 million views. This leading lady, who is no stranger to starring in action movies, has racked up not only an Oscar, but a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award.

7) The Witcher – UK born Henry Cavill, the latest Superman to grace the screens, transforms into a mythical creature which has thrilled over 76 million viewers. This series is currently filming series two and due to be released later this year.

8) Enola Holmes – Yes, Henry Cavill is the Brit actor who takes two positions on our list. Despite not taking the leading role in this film, he still pays Sherlock Holmes, the brother to Enola.  This blockbuster has been seen over 76 million times and is no doubt set for a sequel.

9) Project Power – Supernatural powers are on the loose in this 2020 movie which stars Jamie Foxx. The Oscar and BAFTA winning actor clearly pleased Netflix subscribers with this movie winning over 75 million views.

10) The Midnight Sky – George Clooney takes 10th position for his leading role in this Sci-Fy film which is based on a book. The Netflix film has had over 72 million views and the Director is none other than the leading man himself, George, which is sure to have made him a few dollars extra.