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Live Three Card Poker

Live Dealer 3 Card Poker - partycasino

Three Card Poker, from Evolution Gaming Sweden AB, is a simple video poker game, and a chance to test out your skills in an innovative poker environment. As a live dealer game, you’ll find yourself playing against a real, live dealer, for an authentic casino experience from your living room (or from wherever you happen to be playing).

Unlike traditional casino poker games, this version is played with three cards, and a number of unique rules designed to make the game as engaging as possible – even for those with little to no prior experience of playing poker. Rather than competing against other players with your hand, everyone plays against the House. Perfect for getting to grips with the rules, or just as a fun way for more experienced players to get a quick poker fix, Live Dealer Three Card Poker has plenty to offer.

How 3 Card Poker It Works

With each round, the dealer must get at least at Queen high to kick things off. When they do, the game is on, with each player dealt 3 cards and tasked with the challenge of making the best possible hand. Along the way, there are additional bonuses thrown in, for example if you land a straight. Rather than the usual five card game, this makes for a fast turnover of the action, to keep things constantly moving through each round.

More experienced players can also take advantage of a range of separate bonus bets, including the Pair Plus bonus and the Six Card bonus. These bets introduce secondary chances to win with every hand. So even if the cards you draw don’t beat the dealer at the first time of asking, you’re still in with a chance of walking away in profit from the hand.

The live dealer element adds another factor to the game, creating an ultra-realistic casino vibe. No matter where you live, no matter how far to your nearest casino, you can bring the action to you with this live dealer version of online poker.

Bonus Bets

Certainly for those with a bit of established poker nous, the bonus bets are where things can really heat up. There are two main bonus bets you can choose from, each with their own set payout depending on the result.

Pairs Plus Bonus: If you land a pair or better in your hand, you get a set payout according to the payout table. This ranges anywhere up to a 100x return on your money – whether or not you win heads up against the dealer.

Six Card Bonus: There’s also the option to play on with the best five card hand from your 3 cards, and the three cards in the dealer’s hand. Again, the results vary depending the specific hand you draw, but if you’re in luck with this bet you can win a return of up to 1000x on your stake, whenever you are able to make three of a kind or better.

Because the standard game is played with three cards, the action is fast paced, but still gentle enough for totally inexperienced poker players to quickly get to grips with what’s going on. If you want to compete for bigger returns on each hand, the side bets are definitely where the main action can be found, especially with the impressive 1000x payout for very high ranking hands in the six card game.

Play Live Dealer Three Card Poker at PartyCasino

If this sounds like your cup of tea, look no further. You can get involved in the live dealer action right here on our website. Kickstart your Three Card Poker career today, and start betting for wins of up to 1000x in live dealer games with partycasino.