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What is a Straight Flush in Blackjack?

To add a little extra spice, there are additional blackjack side bets that you can opt for, including a straight flush. 

In the 21+3 side bet, you are betting on your two cards, plus the one card, which is face up on the dealer's hand. There's a correlation with poker as 21+3 borrows some of poker's ideas and terminology

To get a straight flush, the three cards must not only be the same suit but also consecutive numbers. It's a tricky bet to land, but if you manage it, a prize of up to 40-1 could be yours.

Blackjack Straight Flush - partycasino

Other popular side bets in the 21+3 include a flush, straight, three of a kind and suited three of a kind. Only the latter pays out a bigger prize than a straight flush, so it’s an excellent bet to land.