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Let It Ride Poker Review

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Let It Ride was originally launched back in the 90s, emerging first as a land-based casino game, popular throughout the US and Europe. Our online version, which you can play here, developed by our in-house software team, picks up where the physical Let It Ride machines left off, giving players the chances to bet against poker hands in isolation for a fixed return.

The game works by dealing cards consecutively, with players given the chance to bet based on the outcome of their own hand. There is no dealer hand, and no other competing hands to play against – if you make a hand, you get a payout, variable depending on the quality of your hand and the payout table. The object of the game is to combine the five total cards to make the highest value hand, which will return the highest value return from the payout table – anything 10s or better and you’re in the money, right up to the maximum prize for a Royal Flush.

The game starts with the player placing 3 equal bets, in exchange for 3 hidden cards. At both the turn and the river, the player is given the opportunity to decrease the size of these bets, or to ‘let it ride’ when the going looks good. Once all cards have been dealt, it’s time to make your hand – with fixed payouts set against the value of each hand, from 1x for 10s or better, through to 1000x for a Royal Flush.

Let It Ride is simple to play in practice, but the strategic considerations of the game run way deeper. For fans of poker looking for a fast action, fixed odds way to play, Let It Ride remains a popular choice, and a great alternative to online slots or regular online poker.

Side Bets in Let It Ride

Let It Ride isn’t just about the main event – there are a number of side bets available which you can use to win extra money as you play through. Side bets are available based on the value of the first 3 cards, a pair the low benchmark for paying out on this bet. There are also options available for fixed odds side bets based on the total value of the cards in-hand. These side bets are elective, so you can decide whether to push further in staking on these wagers.

Of course, this also increases your maximum exposure to a losing hand, so it’s not for every play. But land a paying side bet, as well as a paying hand when the dust settles, and you could be in for a decent payout at a good rate of return.

Betting Strategy

The key to betting successfully on Let It Ride lies in analysing the 3 community cards. While you’ve already put your money on the table to get to this stage, you have the option of pulling back on your bets where a payout is looking less likely. You are essentially deciding whether to progress with betting through the hand, and like full versions of poker, there are a number of cues you can take from your hand to advise your next move.

If you’re sitting with 3 of a kind, a high pair, or better, flush cards, you should let your bets ride through to the end. Similarly when there are four cards on show, you have another opportunity to decide whether to let it ride, or to recoup your money. Let the cards tell you what to do. As long as you’re betting most aggressively when you already have hands on the table, you can best protect your bankroll while giving yourself the best chance of a paying hand.

Play Let It Ride at partycasino

Let It Ride is still enjoyed by both poker and slots fans online. As an alternative to full blown poker games, Let It Ride is quick and fast-paced, with its own predefined payments. Play Let It Ride here at partycasino, and see how your hand stacks up today.