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JetX Online Review

It’s fair to say that when SmartSoft Gaming are in town, if you're a fan of content that brings a freshness and uniqueness to the table, you're going to be incredibly happy. JetX is a game that hit the scene in 2019, and it’s still as popular today as it was then, even though there has been further instalments added to the series.

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Now, when you log on to play at online casinos, there are some excellent games to pick from. The video slots, table games and live casino content are fantastic. But, what SmartSoft aim to do with their work, with JetX being a standout inclusion in their catalogue, is offer an alternative and games that will break the mould and, at times, the monotony. If you like these type of games, see our review on Cricket X, from the same game producer.

JetX may appear simpler and less complex than a lot of video slots on the market, but that isn’t a negative. The straightforward approach is what makes this game stand out from the crowd. It’s a game of chance in effect, but one where the player remains in control. Therefore, anyone and everyone can pick the game up in no time and enjoy it to its fullest.

The title of the game includes the word jet, and of course, this is the key part of the gameplay in this SmartSoft release. In short, punters will put their money where their decision-making is, because a jet is going to take flight, and the higher it goes, the bigger the returns. However, at some point, the jet is going to explode, and when this happens, anyone with a wager still in play will lose.

How to Play

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How you play JetX is going to happen in several stages. But first, it’s worth reiterating the aim of the game before anyone gets started. You’re placing a wager on a jet before it takes off, and as it climbs in the sky, you’ve got to decide when to cash out, so to speak. Leave it too long, the jet will explode, and all money will be lost.

So, to get started, you must place the initial bet, which is straightforward to do. There are + and – minus buttons that make the process even easier, and a punter can also select from a predetermined value if they wish. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a jet takes off every fifteen seconds, so a wagering strategy could be a good idea.

When the jet takes off, it’s then over to the player to use their judgement to decide when to cash out their winnings. They can do this by hitting the Collect button. Of course, you want to try and win as much as possible. But, at the same time, you don’t want to keep going and leave it too late, and the jet crashes and burns, along with your stake.

Why You Should Play

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There are several standout reasons why you should consider playing this SmartSoft Gaming release. For a kick-off, JetX is a multiplier title. Every time you play the game, you’re playing alongside others, so you could say that this adds to the excitement through competitiveness.

Of course, SmartSoft knows that most casino players are gaming on mobile nowadays, so they ensure that JetX is mobile-friendly, with no compromise on quality at any point. It’s also a game that supports multiple languages.

And finally, JetX brings a different way of gambling to the table. It moves away from the way that slots and table games perform, with a completely unique offering in the casino space. And many people will get involved with playing the game for this reason alone.

Play JetX at PartyCasino

PartyCasino is an online gaming platform that wants to offer as much unique content as possible to its players, and it’s why JetX and other SmartSoft Gaming titles are ready to play on the site. So, don’t miss the chance to play on desktop or mobile.

How to Play JetX Slot?

Guide to play JetX slot.
Join PartyCasino
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Create an account with PartyCasino.
Select JetX Slot
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Select the JetX slot from the game menu.
Place Your Bet
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Select and place your bet size according to your budget.
Watch the Reels Spin
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Spin the reels and if you are lucky you will hit a bonus!

Who is the creator of JetX?

JetX is a game from SmartSoft Gaming, a company renowned for its innovative work in the online casino space.

Can I play JetX at PartyCasino?

You can play JetX, all the JetX titles, and other SmartSoft Gaming content at PartyCasino.

How much can I win?

How much a player can win will depend on their decisiveness and when they decide to cash out in a round.
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