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How Will 5G Impact Mobile Gaming?

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We might all be sat on the edge of our gaming chairs waiting for Virtual Reality games and casinos, but there is another revolutionary technology heading our way first. It goes by the name of 5G, and when rolled out, gamers should be able to see a difference in the way they experience gaming, especially on the move. So, what is 5G technology, and how will it improve games and mobile gaming? We have the details for you right here.

What Is 5G?

5G refers to the fifth generation of wireless technology and is a significant improvement on the current 4G network. With 5G, the accelerator will be slammed down to bring users even faster internet speeds. It is estimated that 5G will boast a rate of 100 gigabits each second, meaning it will be 1000% faster than 4G. It will also have much lower latency than current 4G networks, and as a result, 4k viewing would be instantaneous without buffering – and it could power driverless cars.

At the moment, 5G is in its infancy, but it is planned that the 5G network would be rolled out to homes, smartphones and towns. The latter would create new smart cities where everyone could use the internet without issues from hipster chill-out bars in the centre to peaceful parks in the suburbs.

Three Big Benefits of 5G for Gaming

5G is anticipated by anyone who currently uses the internet, but gamers should be even more eager. The introduction of 5G connectivity can offer additional benefits to the gaming industry, such as:

#1 Better Games

Game developers can only create mobile games and apps that tablets and smartphones can host. Their hands are tied in what they can achieve. This is because limits are always put on them by the device the game is created for – to an extent.

With 5G, the bar will be raised, and developers are free to make mobile games with better graphics and more exciting visuals. Overall, expect better games on the 5G network.

#2 Better for Multiplayer Games

5G has another advantage because it can fix bandwidth issues. These problems arise when too many devices are connected and trying to access online information. By being able to fix these problems, 5G is better prepared for large-scale multiplayer games.

#3 Improved Accessibility

If smart cities do become a reality, it also improves how we game on the move. Although many of us play mobile games from the comfort of home or on a personal WiFi connection, using city 5G WiFi will increase our options and the accessibility of mobile games when in town.

When Will 5G Arrive?

5G has not been made available to the masses just yet, but it is active in some trial areas. The expansion of the network will take time, and different cities are being added to the waiting list. A time when all towns and cities across the UK have access to this network may be some time off.

Hopefully, you won the geographical lottery and are one of the first to try mobile casino gambling with a trailblazing new internet network!