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How to Play Fast Forward Poker

How to Play Fast Forward Poker

Fast Forward Poker is a variation of standard poker that has swept the online casino world by storm for various reasons. It may appeal to those that like to consistently amongst the action because, as the name suggests, more hands can be played in a shorter period of time. In this post, we delve deep into the rules of this variation, while also explaining how to play Fast Forward Poker! 

What Is Fast Forward Poker?

Fast Forward Poker is where players move around a variety of tables to ensure that they always have an active hand. As soon as their hand is concluded on one table, they will be automatically taken to the next. It's worth mentioning that this only happens if the player folds as if their hand is active until the end of the round; the cards will be dealt again on the same table.

Due to this, players do not get a completely free choice of which table they visit next. All open games are part of a 'pool', and when a player joins, they have the potential to take a seat at any of the open tables. There is also a 'Forward Fold' feature, that players can use to fold a hand when it isn't their turn to act.

For some punters, finding the perfect table is part of their theoretical competitive edge, so this aspect may be off-putting for some. In addition to this, there will be a different combination of players across each of the tables, so getting a read on specific people can be more challenging when playing Fast Forward Poker. Finally, it can be tough to concentrate when playing this mode for long periods of time.

However, there are a variety of advantages to also take into consideration. The first is that Fast Forward Poker is perhaps the perfect solution for anyone that doesn't have much free time. In just 30 minutes to an hour, it's possible for over 100 hands to be played. Fast Forward Poker can also benefit those that play mostly off instinct or can make decisions quickly, as there is less time to think between each hand.

Playing Fast Forward Poker

There are no major differences between Fast Forward Poker and traditional alternatives, at least in terms of the official ruleset. However, this doesn't mean that there aren't small differences in the way most people play their hands as a result. Various online studies say that the ability of anyone at the table to receive a new hand so quickly means that they tend to avoid playing with weak hands. Of course, this doesn't apply to every player but it does mean that a different playstyle may be required for this variant of poker.

Playing slightly looser during hands of Fast Forward Poker is perhaps the best approach to take, according to the experts. Three-betting preflop could also be another thing to consider, as in this case, players that have weaker hands will often forfeit the pot immediately. While taking pots with smaller amounts may seem inconsequential, these potential winnings can certainly add up over time, if each hand is being played correctly.


That ends our article on how to play Fast Forward Poker. It's perhaps no surprise that this variation of poker has its own advantages and disadvantages, meaning it may not appeal to every type of player. However, for those that are short on time, prefer to play mainly on instinct, or want to be a part of many hands, it could certainly be worth a try. When playing Fast Forward Poker, it could also be beneficial to adopt a slightly different playstyle, in order to match the pace!