halloween pumpkin game

Halloween Pumpkin Brain Teaser

Spot the Poker Chip in an Ocean of Scary Pumpkins

To celebrate Halloween here at PartyCasino, we created this freakishly hard puzzle full of pumpkins. It’s tried and tested, here at our headquarters, we all took over 30 seconds to spot the cheeky orange poker chip. How quickly can you spot it?

pumpkin puzzle image

Too hard you say? Here are some easier versions of our puzzle

pumpkin puzzle easier

Still nothing? Here is an even easier version, but you have to spot it now!

pumpkin puzzle even easier

Clue: Focus on the right bottom corner.

And here is a little trick treat for the brainteaser experts – two chips, go!

pumpkin puzzle 2

Clue: Focus on the right bottom corner and the top left corner.

So, how long did it take you? We´d love to hear from you, but don´t you share the spooky secret of the orange chip with those who haven´t found it yet!

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