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Get The Details Needed To Experience The Rio de Janeiro Carnival

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It’s that time of the year when millions take to the streets of Rio De Janeiro to party and samba from 2 March 2019 to 7 March 2019 for seven whole days. Every year the Rio Carnival provides locals and tourists alike an opportunity to create memories the likes of which are near impossible to experience anywhere else in the world. The Rio De Janeiro 2019 Carnival is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before, so just what can we all expect from one of the world’s biggest gatherings of people to happen on an annual basis.

A Quick History

The Rio Carnival is by no means in its infancy. The carnival can be traced all the way back to the 1700’s, where large banquets where held to honour various gods. It was only from the mid 1800’s that masquerades starting taking place. As the years went on the population of African slaves grew exponentially, which was the catalyst to the introduction of samba music. Samba is now highly synonymous with the carnival, while the style of music and dancing remain a massive draw for tourists. It was the introduction of various samba schools that started parading in the 1920’s which really gave the carnival its party reputation. The festival had always been free to the public, however with the large influx of tourists increasing year on year to witness the spectacle city officials introduced tickets for the first time in 1961.

Over a 300 year span the Rio Carnival has grown into the biggest party of the year, and its influence carries far and wide. Casino related games such as Samba Carnival and Rio Riches are available to all players at PartyCasino, and do a good job of giving you an idea of what a samba atmosphere is really like.

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Where Should You Go?

The Rio Carnival is not confined to one area of the city, but rather sees parades, shows, dancing and parties happening in all parts. The most famous aspect of the seven day event is undoubtedly the samba schools parading at the Sambadrome. The best way to explain the Sambadrome is one very long alley that contains grandstands rising up both sides for spectators to view the schools parading. This is where the wonderfully creative floats can be seen by tourists visiting the city during this time. Each school will bring hints of their own neighbourhood where the school is based, trying to outdo their fellow schools.

There are various different tiers to the tickets one can buy, starting at what most would consider very affordable (£20 per ticket) and peaking at nearly £2000 per ticket. If general standing or seating tickets aren’t for you there are luxury boxes and VIP arrangements available which get you much closer to the action, making it possible to clearly make out the sexy outfits worn by the dancers parading.

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The Lesser Known Treats

Although the main draw to Rio De Janeiro during Carnival is the Sambadrome there are still many other amazing sights and sounds to witness in other parts of the city. The Copacabana Palace and beach offer constant parties during this week, while they are also high profile tourist destinations which all must visit when pulling in to the vibrant city. For the more adventurous of you there are also street parties happening deeper in the city, which is where neighbourhood culture is at it’s most prevalent. But it must be noted that Brazil is a country still struggling with petty and violent crime, so tread with caution when in unknown areas.