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The flurry of live casino games just keeps on rolling with the release of a brand new title from the geniuses at Evolution Gaming. Today, we're looking at Football Studio Live, which is a combination of baccarat and live football action happening in real-time. At its core, it is a very basic casino game and gives players a chance to take in a very laid-back wagering experience. It should also appeal to punters out there who like to get some online casino action when they aren't placing bets on their favourite sports. Your wins either pay out 1:1 or 11:1. So there is money to be made here, depending on the size of your wagers.

Football Studio Live - partycasino

In case you’re new to the online casino scene, you might be unfamiliar with live dealer casino games. These are casino games of all kinds, such as roulette, blackjack, poker and even some of the best online slot games. However, the difference is that the games aren't being operated by computer software but rather by an actual real-life dealer standing on the other side of a camera. The live feed is then transmitted to your device screen to give you the feel of sitting in an actual casino. Evolution Gaming are the masters of creating live casino games and have been dropping titles on a regular basis this past year. The latest releases include Deal or No Deal Live and Cash or Crash, both of which really need to be experienced to believe. Football Studio Live went far more basic, as the camera homes in on a dealer sitting behind a table with a deck of cards while football commentary sounds.

How To Play

You’ll have picked up as soon as you open Football Studio Live that a live football match is busy playing out, and the score of that match is displayed on the bottom left side of the screen. The dealer will then draw two cards that will lie face-up on the table. Before all of this happens, however, you’ll have the choice of selecting 1 of 3 results that your wager will depend on; home, away or draw. You'll see that one card will lie behind the sign saying home, and the other card will lie behind the away sign. The card with the higher value is the winner. So, if you chose Home and the Home card has the higher value, you have a winning bet. If the Away card had a higher value, your bet would be a loss.

Live Football Studio Review - partycasino

You might wonder how you get a draw? When choosing your result, you'll see the option of taking a draw, which gives the highest return of 11:1. For this to happen both cards drawn need to present the same value. For example, the dealer draws two jacks. Wins for Home and Away bets will pay you 1:1.

In the bottom right corner, you'll see that the previous results of the dealer’s hands are shown. This should give you a good indication of what results you can expect from the hands being dealt. In most cases, you'll see there is barely ever a draw, making the bet risky but profitable if you manage to land one.

What To Look Out For

There isn't anything unexpected in Football Studio Live, as no bonus features or unexpected events are there to take you by surprise. For those interested, a live chat function will allow you to chat with other players and get into football discussions.

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This is about the most simple of live dealer games you’re likely to play. Football Studio Live might prove a little too basic for some, but those punters taking a break from the sportsbook might find this a great place for something different and a chance to take in easy and less complex wins. Play your cards right for those draws, and this might just be one long-range effort that comes off.