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Fighting the Fun: Slot Machines with Killer Moves

Theworld of martial arts has been elevated over recent years. Personalities likeMcGregor and Ronda Rousey have done wonders for MMA. Simultaneously, AnthonyJoshua and Tyson Fury’s return and successes have added a new spark toheavyweight boxing after what has been a somewhat flat period in boxing.

All of the excitement in fighting sports have transferred into related entertainment, in particular fighting-themed slots. So, what are the best ones you can play right now?

1.   TheKarate Kid Slot

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Ifyou have never seen Karate Kid before, you have our permission to close thisblog and go watch it. One of the all-time classics of cinematic creation is nowavailable in a slot game representation. This game is just that and combineselements of the movie with a progressive jackpot. One thing that you will evenlove or hate about the Karate Kid slot is the randomness of its bonus features.They may take you by surprise, but who doesn’t love a bonus anyway?

2.   StreetFighter 2 Slot Game

Some readers may have once played the iconic Street Fighter 2 video game. Well, this NetEnt creation is based on. The Street Fighter 2 slot game was announced at the ICE 2020 gaming network event and created a big stir among attendees. The title includes eight of the arcade triumph’s original characters. It may be that this slot game proved NetEnt’s doubters wrong with claims they were losing their innovative touch.

4.   LuchaRumble Slot Game

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Luchais a Spanish word meaning fight, and this is a Mexican wrestling slot game likeno other. One of the best features about this five-reel slot game is theanimated fights that take pale between the video slot’s characters. This isalso an especially colourful slot game with vibrant visuals that make the gameeven more exciting. You can even win up to 25 free spins while playing!

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