Famous Hobbies

Famous Hobbies

Knitting might have become glacially cool in celebrity circles over the last few years but plenty of famous celebrities have got or have had their own hobbies. And they range from the unusual to the downright odd.

Here’s a few of our favourites.

1)Rod Stewart is obsessed with model railways. He’s built an entire US city over 23 years and, on tour, even requested an additional hotel room to house his creation. He was even on the front cover of Railway Modeller magazine, but said he had to hand the electricals over to someone else

2)John Lennon collected stamps – the Beatles icon was a keen philatelist as well as a musical genius

3)Tom Hanks collects vintage typewriters – entirely in keeping with his thoroughly wholesome image, the movie megastar has collected typewriters since he was a teenager and, at one point, had hundreds in his collection

4)Kendall Jenner makes amazing bird noises – the model and socialite revealed her unusual ability on James Corden’s Hidden Talents TV show in 2017

5)Mike Tyson keeps race pigeons – the boxing bad boy has raised birds since he was eight-years old and has even had several racing champions among his flock

6)David Beckham is keen on fencing – the footie ace doesn’t just stick to the football pitch when it comes to sporting pursuits; he enjoys going fencing with his pals Will Smith and Tom Cruise… of course he does…

7)Beyonce makes honey and has two hives – the singer, sometimes known as Queen B, actually has a real queen bee in amongst her 80,000 bees; she makes hundreds of jars of honey every year and started keeping bees because the healing properties of honey is good for her childrens’ allergies

8)Taylor Swift – whether she still does or not is unknown but back in 2011, T-Swizzle told MTV that she started making snow globes with her friends to get into the festive spirit, proving that even her hobbies are adorable

9)Angelina Joie collect antique knives and daggers – having got her first blades when she was 11-years old, Jolie now has an impressive collection; how many knives she has is unclear but some of them are rare enough to be worth €20,000

10)Nicole Kidman enjoys sky diving – the Aussie actress even has her own licence and says it’s the nearest thing to flying

11)Paris Hilton restores vintage radios – while it appears that she’s never spoken publicly about her hobby, the model is alleged to have a whole room full of WWII-era radios, which she restores

12)Claudia Schiffer collects insects – the supermodel started off with just spiders in her collection but later expanded it to include other arthropods and insects; she even has her own museum of creepy crawlies in her home

13)Susan Sarandon loves ping pong – the actress is an avid table tennis player and has demonstrated her skills on James Corden’s Late Late Show; she also owns a ping pong parlor franchise called SPiN, with branches all over North America

14)Emma Watson is a keen fly fisher – best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise of films, Watson is a keen fisher but fly fishing in particular; she is apparently good at tying her own flies using no magic other than her own skill

15)Katy Perry collects celebrity hair – among the weirdest (and creepiest) ‘hobby’ in our list, the singer admitted in an otherwise routine media Q&A that she likes to collect a lock of hair from her celebrity BFFs; perhaps even weirder, she then ties a little bow around them and keeps them in her purse… okaaaaayyyy

16)Nicolas Cage was a comic book collector – the Oscar-winning actor has always been a huge comic book fan and even chose his stage name based on one of his favourite childhood superheroes – Luke Page, Power Man; he sold his collection back in 2002, with some of the rarer comics fetching a cool $120,000

17)Quentin Tarantino collects board games – the director’s love of all things pop culture led him to start collecting rare board games, with his personal favourites including Dawn of the Dead and Universe

18)Bryan Cranston is a baseball memorabilia fanatic – well, he certainly was as a youngster anyway; the little lad who would later shoot to fame as the star of Breaking Bad collected baseball cards, pennants, jerseys and signed baseballs; so meticulous was he that all his pennants were hung on the wall according to league and division, but his beloved LA Dodgers always took pride of place

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