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Does eGaming Have a Place in the Casino World?

The gambling industry may be booming, but that doesn’t mean it can sit still while relevant industries around it reshape.

As eGaming becomes even more popular with the likes of substantial sell-out arenas, dedicated eGaming TV channels and significant prize funds, people are asking whether it has a place within the casino world. And there is reason to suggest it does.

Vegas: The Future eGaming Disneyland?

Las Vegas is the flagship creation of brick-and-mortar casinos. The bright lights, table games, expensive restaurants, cocktails, dancefloors and smoke-filled table games are all tokens of the Vegas experience. Yet, a slice of that Vegas has been swapped to pave the way for eGaming within the casino world.

At the once-upon-a-time LAX Nightclub, part of the Vegas setting has been removed and in its place stands the HyperX Sports Arena, a 30,000-square-foot eGaming arena where players do battle, and the action is streamed online for fans to enjoy.

The fact that Vegas has substituted a nightclub area for a gaming epicentre is no random decision. The move comes after difficulty in casinos in Vegas, and around the world, to attract younger gamers (and their cash!).

Millennials and Generation Z Expect More

Although our grandfathers may have been content playing those old fruit machine slot games, the youngsters of today are not as easily amused or engaged. They demand more exciting games to play such as eGaming titles, and Vegas is having to cater to their preferences to keep the cash flowing in.

Yet, this doesn’t mean abandoning slots but offering video slot games where they have more say in their gaming success, just like when eGaming. It can also lead to new markets of gambling around the world, such as gaming fans betting on their favourite players or teams to win levels – just like sports betting.

But, It’s Not Just About Gambling!

Casinos make most of their money through gambling, but they also use food, beverages and accommodation as other revenue streams. Considering that not all eGaming gamers or fans will want to gamble, it means there is still money to be made from this casino crowd.

During the down season, around 700 gaming fans head to the HyperX Sports Arena and during peak times that number can more than double. Not every fan or gamer needs to enjoy gambling to suddenly generate enormous profits for casinos through selling meals, beers, cocktails or just soft drinks.

The bottom line is that floor space matters in a casino and is carefully considered against potential revenues. An eGaming venue then, considering the aforementioned numbers, certainly has a place within the casino environment!

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