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Desktop, Tablet, Mobile & Watches?

Our world is loaded with new and excitingtechnologies. From our desks at work to our cars and our bedside tables,everywhere we look, there is bound to be a savvy new piece of kit to make lifebetter.

One of the latest trends in technology iswearable tech. Items such as smartwatches and Fitbits are taking over aspersonal assistants – or personal trainers. Soon, we may run out of places andlimbs to put technology, but for the time being, casinos are starting to takean interest in the new tech places to gamble.

Technology and Online Gambling

Online gambling has come on leaps and bounds since the elementary download casinos. These casinos would make the player download software before being able to enjoy casino games. Instant play casinos became the norm, scooping up the market. This has then transpired into more convenient ways to gamble in line with technological developments. Now we can wager with our desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones through exceptional casino apps.

Online casinos have been able to keep up with the attest development in technology and merge their services to meet consumer needs. Now that smartwatches are becoming the latest tech development, will mobile casinos start offering services via these watches?

Can You Use a Smartwatch to Play Casino Games?

You may not be aware, but it has already been achieved. Microgaming, one of the biggest developers in the industry, has enabled casino games suitable for smartwatch play. To make this become a reality, you would need to own one that is compatible with these casino games, which often means buying the best models.

The technology is still in its infancy, andimprovements will be planned for the future. If you do want to play casinogames from a smartwatch, you will need to make your account on another device,such as a laptop, first.

What Smartwatch Casino Games Are Available?

Microgaming is the innovators in this space right now, and they have begun the journey into smartwatch gaming with their slot games. One of their slot games that people love the most is available for smartwatch gaming, namely Thunderstruck. However, these are still early days, and you can expect more slot games to become available in the future.

For those who prefer online blackjack games or roulette, there is a good chance that casino smartwatch gaming will also delve into these areas in the future. The immediate criticism is that smartwatches may offer convenient gambling services, but the screen may be too small. Thankfully, developers are coming up with ways to make flicking between information more functional, and this will maximise the use of the watch’s screen.

Looking to the Future

Increasing the games you can play on a smartwatch will be the job of game developers. However, they will get help from developers of smartwatches who continue to innovate with the technology and make smartwatches even better!