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Coin Miner

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Coin Miner Casino Game Review

Online casino games are far more diverse than what they were when the industry first cut its teeth. Back then, you had a few 3 reel online slot games and perhaps one or two very basic table games. Fast forward almost three decades, and things have moved on a bit. Now, we have casino games like Coin Miner, a title that calls for risk takers to step out their comforts and into a cash mine that could have no depth to the prizes possible for all iGamers. If you played Minesweeper on Windows 95, then you'll already have a good idea of what to expect, so stick with us as we run you through all the details.

First, let's talk a little about the casino games developer that created Coin Miner. It goes by the name of Gaming Corps, and like so many online casino companies out there, has its roots firmly planted in Sweden. Besides offering a broad selection of games, including online slots and table games, they also have a line of games found in their 'Mine Games' category. We've previously reviewed Mining Madness by the same studio, and Coin Miner plays very much the same. There’s a 5x5 grid which some could mistake as a slots grid, but you’ll find that there aren’t any spinning reels. Instead, players will be required to click on each window of the grid.

The sums you’ll be able to stake in Coin Miner are really big, so high rollers might take to this game like a duck to water. If you’re feeling like a VIP you can go as high as 200 per round, which comes with major risk, but also major reward. On the other side of the window you we have a minimum stake limit of 0.20, so there's definitely a bet in there for all players at our casino site. Below the wager selection, you'll see another selection area where you choose the number of mines, but more on that in the next section.

How To Play Coin Miner

Coin Miner Slot - partycasino

Playing Coin Miner is likely one of the most effortless experiences you're likely to have at an online casino, and this is because there isn't really too much to playing it. You'll first need to choose how much you'd like to stake for the upcoming round. You then need to choose how many mines you want, and when ready press play. You play by clicking on different windows on the grid, which will either reveal a gold coin or a mine. If you reveal a gold coin, you win a cash return, and can either cash out or reveal the contents of another window. The further into the round you go by revealing windows, the bigger the cash wins become. If you reveal a mine, then you lose your cash and have to start again. The more mines you choose to have hidden behind windows the higher the odds are when revealing gold coins, and therefore the cash prizes are bigger. 

What To Look Out For

There isn’t much in terms of added value in Coin Miner. There is some strategy involved here, like choosing a sufficient number of buried mines but cashing out relatively early. You’ll need to decide when the right times to cash out are, although there is no way of knowing when. You’ll just need to use some iGamer intuition. The temptation to keep revealing windows will obviously be strong as the more gold coins you reveal in a round the bigger the cash prize becomes, but you’ll inevitably end up hitting a mine if you go too far.

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Play Coin Miner at PartyCasino

While very basic, Coin Miner is quite fun, and the thrills involved will have you playing on the edge of your seat. There are quite a few different strategies players can adopt, and this is because the interactivity levels are pretty high. You choose how far you want to go, and thus can determine what level of thrills you want to experience. Above it all, however, cash returns can potentially be very profitable.

How to Play Coin Miner Slot?

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Watch the Reels Spin
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1) Can I play Coin Miner at PartyCasino?

Yes, you can play Coin Miner and many other great titles at PartyCasino.

2) Who makes Coin Miner?

Coin Miner is made by Gaming Corps, one of the leading casino game providers online.

3) How do I get into the bonus round?

Mining Madness doesn’t have a bonus round, as the cash returns are already very generous.