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The Biggest Jackpot Winners at PartyCasino

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No doubt one of the best ways a casino can attract other players is to shout about the life changing wins on its platform. In the same way as big lottery wins encourage ticket sales for the next draw, spreading the word about big wins is a great way for casinos to show that players can and do win life-changing amounts of money, simply for playing with their chosen casino online.

As one of the biggest in the business, PartyCasino has more than its fair share of mega-wins to shout about. Yet far too often, new players don’t know what is possible, and think that it’s simply out of the question that they could be next. In reality, whenever you take a new slot for a spin, or play your favourite casino game at PartyCasino, you’re walking in the footsteps of plenty newly-minted millionaires, all made possible by choosing to play at the Internet’s leading online casino.

Here’s our list of some of the biggest winners in PartyCasino history, including the prizes they walked away with. Before you get jealous of their wins, why not try your own luck? There’s no way of knowing who will be joining them next.

The Biggest Jackpot Wins

As an online casino, PartyCasino is in the business of minting winners. Like the 46 year old player from Canada, who won day logged on for a quick spin of Melon Madness. It was a decision that was to change his life permanently and for the better. The Canadian citizen became an instant millionaire, scooping the Melon Madness – Big One Colossal Cash jackpot. While this was back in 2013, it remains one of the largest single-spin wins in PartyCasino history, as he walked away with a jackpot over $7,525,851.86 – that’s £5.85 million at today’s exchange rate. Not a bad return for a single spin, I’m sure you’d agree?

Closer to home, a UK based player decided to hit up PartyCasino on his iPhone. At 50 years old, he probably wasn’t expecting to ever get lucky enough to change his life forever. Thinking his time had passed, he stuck on a cheeky single spin, again on Melon Madness, no doubt inspired by some of the other big wins that have been seen by this progressive slot at PartyCasino.

Fast-forward to a few moments later and he would be dancing around the room. The reels came in for him, and he walked away with a cool £1,448,150. This is the kind of money that people think they can only win from a big lottery jackpot – and we all know how the odds are stacked against that. By landing this massive win on a progressive slot, this player goes down in the PartyCasino history books as yet another £1 million+ winner from their games.

Or how about the remarkable story of a German player, known online as Gamago. They landed a massive win back in 2009, one of the biggest in PartyCasino’s history, standing at $4,978,336.62. The win came from scooping the progressive jackpot on Mega Fortune Wheel, specifically the monstrous Gold Mega Jackpot that changed their life in an instant.

After the initial euphoria calmed down, Gamago returned to try their luck again. And would you believe it – they managed another jackpot win in 2015, this time for $2.25 million. That’s like winning the lottery twice, only with better odds – a remarkable case of good luck and good fortune. And that’s not all – the same player has registered a smattering of other decent wins over a number of years, in addition to their two multi-million pound jackpots.

In truth, their stories are impressive, but not particularly rare. Players at PartyCasino win millions on a regular basis, and these wins have gone a long way to helping PartyCasino become recognised as the leading casino brand it is today.

You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

If you don’t buy a ticket, you can’t win the raffle. It’s the same with the jackpots at PartyCasino, particularly those won on slots. Anyone can get lucky at a progressive slot, and someone, somewhere always has to win these jackpots. It may as well be you, but it will never be you if you don’t make a point of playing for yourself.

Slots games – even the tightest progressive jackpot – are straightforward enough that anyone can play them. Like playing the lottery, there is no skill element involved at all. But your chances of winning compared to the lottery are significantly higher, and this makes it a much better option, even for casual gamblers.

So what are you waiting for? The PartyCasino winners list is constantly being updated, and if you want to be next, you know what to do. Don’t watch from the sidelines as others change their lives – get involved yourself and see whether you’ve got what it takes to be the next lucky jackpot winner!