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Astronomia Casino: The $1m Roulette Investment with No Return

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Timing can be everything at the casino. Taking a seat at the right table at the right moment can be the difference between jackpot wins and house triumphs. And now you can be right on time with a high-quality watch with a casino theme.

Watchmaker experts Jacob & Co. have built on their 2014 intricate design of the Astronomia Tourbillon. This watch strayed away from their usually high-end sleek and timeless designs to a more striking timepiece with plenty of detail depicting the movement of the sun, moon and earth.

This watch appears to be the start of a new movement for Jacob & Co. who have followed this up with a new watch made in a similar vein, albeit this time with a roulette theme. Here are the details on this stunning addition to the Astronomia series of watches.

A Special Casino-Inspired Landscape

Whether you play online roulette or have never set foot inside a casino, it is difficult to deny that this is a unique watch made with exceptional detail and craftsmanship. A roulette table sets the backdrop for the typical Astronomia elements sitting above.

The roulette design is creative, subtle yet bold enough to turn heads due to the unusual design of having a roulette depiction on the face of a watch. The roulette wheel is stationed almost like a monument, or a love letter to one of the most famous and enjoyed casino games throughout time.

It is undoubtedly a unique watch with considerable dimensions that cannot be hidden under your shirt sleeve. It’s perfect for anyone who has an affinity to the casino or is indeed a roulette player.

The Hands, Dial and Case

Yet, the watch is not all about aesthetics. Watchmakers of this calibre are at the top of the game when it comes to using premium materials and engineering the creation as a formidable timekeeper. The piece is powered with the manufacturer’s in-house manual Calibre JCAM2A, boasting around 60 hours of reserve power and operating at a 3Hz beat rate.

This internal engine of the watch is concealed from underneath for added protection. But aspects of it are visible from above when peering through the first-class casing. For anyone needing to wind the watch, two keys are located on the back of the case for convenience, but tightly sealed to maintain the sophisticated aesthetic of the casino-inspired timepiece.

How Much Does It Cost?

This marvellous watch retails at nothing short of US$600,000, and there have only been 18 genuine models made to date, meaning you will need to have significant levels of disposable income to own one.

Alternatively, you can try your luck playing casino games at PartyCasino and attempt to scoop big prizes to be able to afford this special casino watch!