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A New Market to Explore: What's happening in 2020?

The online entertainment industry is snowballing and becoming bigger business for online casinos. Often, much of this revenue is invested back into the casino experience whether online or in person. The need to update games and provide better gaming experiences comes off the back of fierce competition. With the market so valuable, every man and his dog wants a piece of the action.

Setting up casinos in some countries and continents is beneficial because residents there already possess a love for gambling and there are fewer legal obstacles. Yet, that doesn’t mean to say that there are some countries where gambling has yet to be fully explored.

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Europe’s Love for Gambling

Europe is undoubtedly the Mecca of both land based and online gambling with many European countries here offering relaxed laws that help casinos promote their offerings. Europe alone is reported to make up almost one-quarter of the worldwide industry.

2017 was a monumental year for the European gambling industry to grow further as the European Commission (EC) handed back controls to nation states. This has helped gambling markets in the UK, Malta, Spain and France all to flourish. Germany remains somewhat of an outlier because it has made stricter gambling laws compared to the rest.

Yet, compared to the complicated laws in North America and differences of legalities in the Middle East, gambling in Europe is liberated and a prosperous industry.

The Next Gambling Frontier – Africa?

Competing with the European market may not be possible for other continents, but Africa is one continent that could experience significant growth in the local gambling market.

Many of the barriers that have prevented Africa from becoming a gambling hotbed are being torn down. The masses of unbanked peoples are being reduced with help from cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets – which more casinos are accepting as a deposit method – as well as the expansion of the internet and smartphone usage.

Even countries that were opposed to gambling, such as South Africa, are changing their approach slowly and realising the taxation potential by legalising casinos. The overall feeling is that Africa does have potential to attract more gambling businesses and cook up one of the leading gambling industries.

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