8 Iconic Stores That We Loved and Disappeared

8 Iconic Stores That We Loved and Disappeared

The high street has long been under siege byinternet business with low overheads. It has made UK high-street chainschallenging to stay competitive against these brands who offer quick, cheap andconvenient delivery. The UK has already lost some of the biggest and beststores. Let’s recap for nostalgia’s sake…

1.   Woolworths


If you were a 90s kid or just a big kid in the90s, you would have fond memories of running up and down the Woolies’ pick n’mix aisle. But Woolies was more than just tasty treats; it was an excellentshop for electricals and entertainment products.

2.   Blockbuster


Blockbusters Video did incredibly well to rideout the competition until 2013. This store was the go-to place for most of uson the weekend, wanting to watch a good movie or grab a video game. Now westream films on Netflix and can play games online, including social games, casino slot games and video games through the likesof Stream.

3.   The Gadget Shop

The Gadget Shop was an exciting world of thefuture for many of us. We would walk in and be amazed at the latest inventionsand gadgets, that today would seem outdated. And that is precisely why theywent out of business in 2005. However, you can still buy some of their more modernproducts from WHSmith. Don’t all run at once!

4.   Focus


Focus is one of the more peculiar absenteesfrom the UK high street. It is a store selling DIY and gardening products thatbuyers tend to want to inspect in person rather than buying online. Yet, Focusfeel victim and couldn’t keep up with the likes of B&Q. Focus was thelargest retailer in its industry before a string of bad years.

5.   JJB Sports

jjb sports

Although JJB Sports went into administrationback in 2012, some of the stores were rescued by Sports Direct. The competingsportswear supplier managed to save 20 stores and over 500 jobs, but over 2,000other jobs were lost.

6.   Phones4U

phones 4u

Do you remember Phones4U? Maybe you remember itby the famous advert including ‘Scary Mary’? They had to hang up their phonesin 2014 after EE refused to continue partnering with them.

7.   Pound World

pound world

Isn’t Pound World still open? Nope – you arethinking of their two biggest rivals with similar names, Poundstretcher andPoundland. The company lost a staggering 5,000 jobs in August 2018 because nobuyer could be found to rescue a UK high-street favourite.

8.   Toys R Us

toys r us

An unfortunate 2,000 jobs were axed when Toys RUs fell victim to the cheaper competition online. The famous UK toy shop waspart of most of millennial and boomer childhoods and is now lost. This is oneof the more recent high-street casualties after closing in just 2018.

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