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10 popular gaming platforms you should know about in 2022

10 popular gaming platforms you should know about in 2022

Many companies have launched their live game streaming platforms within the last few years, as the gaming market is growing and evolving. Thanks to the internet, live streaming platforms are unlimited, and accessible to everyone. Based on numbers from a Newzoo article, this year (2022), the game's live-streaming audience will grow by +13.8% year on year to reach 921.2 million—almost doubling in size.

Here at PartyCasino, we believe in practicing safe online gaming. With the gaming industry growing at a rapid pace, gamers and players should be careful about what they share, check their privacy settings, and choose a safe username. Online gaming can be a fun way to boost your brain activity, and improve your skills, however users always have to play with caution. Should a player ever need help at our live casino, they should reach out to our customer support team about their concerns.

Below we have listed our top 10 game streaming platforms that have taken us by storm, and kept players connected to the gaming world with high quality videos, and sharing their experiences across social media.

1. Twitch

Now this is a platform that knows how to keep its audience entertained. Not only is it the most popular video streaming platform, Twitch recorded a combined total of 229 million hours of content being streamed in the first quarter of 2022. Being compatible, flexible and accessible is a great way to maintain popularity. 

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2. Facebook Gaming

According to reports, in the first quarter of 2021, people worldwide watched one billion hours of live game streaming on Facebook Gaming. The dedicated Facebook Gaming application helps keep the community in one place, and has a great engagement feature. The platform provides three primary ways of making money – stars, donations, and monthly fan support.

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3. YouTube Gaming

Youtube Gaming offers gamers the opportunity to find information on different games, watch gamers stream their sessions live, or enjoy esports recordings. Gamers are able to get relevant content without having non-game-related videos standing in their way. YouTube gaming has a pretty clean layout, and supports videos with 4K resolution.

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4. HitBox

With a simple and attractive interface that has a fine color scheme; the gamers inputs are naturally faster, along with the reaction time improved by utilizing the sensitive Sanwa buttons for movement. Users are able to easily search for their favorite videos, and streams can be categorized into private, public and adults only collections. Gamers get to have more deliberate control over their game, helping them make fewer mistakes in a match. 

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5. Beam

With a fast-growing community, Beam has some cool features such as allowing up to four streamers to combine their streams into a single page, which allows viewers to watch all the streams at the same time, while also participating in a centralized chat. This platform is well organized, supports video recording with 4K abilities at frame rate of 60fps, and works as smooth as butter during the browsing process.

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6. Azubu

With its primary focus being eSports, this platform offers viewers high quality content with well organized streams which in turn, helps gamers to be more effective. Azubu works with various streaming experts in order to boost its audience count, and create an enjoyable viewing experience for their gamers. This platform allows viewers to easily identify notable streamers for their favorite games. 

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7. Bigo Live

Bigo Live helps streamers to connect with the Bingo Live audience, this streaming platform is bridged to bring people together. The game recently got an update which came with extended support to enrich all features so that game broadcasting needs can be fulfilled with ease.

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8. Caffeine

Caffeine is rated as one of the best platforms to use for online game streaming. It offers a stylish platform presentation with the biggest, built-in desktop streaming software, popular mainstream entertainment channels and the biggest pro being that it is completely free to use with no adverts.

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9. Afreeca

Afreeca makes live-streaming easy, which makes it a popular platform among professional streamers. This is a well-managed platform that has an archives list where you can save your videos to watch later. 

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 10. Gosu Gamers

This is one for the Esports fanatics as it has all kinds of detailed information regarding Esports from all over the world, from match schedules to live streams. Gosu Gamers is primarily for tournament live streams, and also allows gamers to purchase merchandise from the portal.

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