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Will eGaming Overtake Gambling in 2020?

Online Gambling needs no introduction. It has been an enjoyable hobby for so many men and women wanting to have fun and try and get rich. The wealth of options for players today is unspeakable with so many slot games and variations of table games available at the casino and on the move via apps and sites.

eGaming however, may need some introduction for those unaware. It is a competitive gaming environment that is following in the footsteps of other sports – that’s right, a sport! – by offering huge prize bounties, sold-out eSports arenas and even its TV shows and channels. By 2021, there will be an estimated 14.4% more people interested in eGaming, which equates to a total more than over half a billion people.

This begs the question: Will eGaming overtake gambling as the new form of entertainment?

More eGaming Stats

To truly understand the new eGaming movement, we need to appreciate the monumental steps and growth that this segment of the gaming industry is experiencing. Alongside surging viewership, here are some more eyebrow-lifting stats:

  • More people know what eGaming is all about. In 2015, around 800,000 people knew about it, and today that figure has doubled.
  • The gaming action has become more accessible than ever, with more than 50,000 channels active.
  • This accessibility has paid off with more people spending increasing hours watching the action. In 2012, just over one billion hours were sent watching the games while that figure is closer to 7 billion hours per year today – and rising.
  • Brand investment makes up a large portion of the industry’s revenue (thought to exceed US$1.5 billion by 2021). This has led to colossal prize kitties for the pro gamers.

How Does this Compare with Gambling?

The numbers above outline that eGaming is popular and soaring in interest. By investing the money back into the industry, it is set to keep rising. Compared with the gambling industry, however, it is still behind. Casinos and similar sports betting that have been established rake in players and revenues above eGaming’s early success.

But that doesn’t answer the question if eGaming will ever overtake gambling?

So, Will It Overtake Gambling?

It is not likely that the two industries will compete with each other directly, but rather, they will support each other. The scope of gambling markets on eGaming is vast, and gambling companies will be looking to tap into that to generate even further revenue from that new market.

It should also be noted that many of the impressive figures above refer to viewing eGaming, and therefore to some of the industry. eGaming is a spectator sport rather than gaming themselves (even though they may do that as well!) – so it may be better to ask if eGaming will overtake sports like hockey, the NFL or football?