Ice Ice Baby – What’s new at ICE 2020?


The London Royal Docks may not be the most unlikely place for the gaming industry’s future to unravel – but that will be the setting for some of this year’s most significant networking events and showcases. The ExCeL London venue will be the centre stage for a mix of spectacular gaming events at ICE 2020, and all 100-acres of the place is gearing up for another excellent programme. So, what’s going on?

First, What Is ICE 2020?

ICE 2020 is a professional B2B event within the gaming industry that brings together an estimated 600+ businesses and over 35,000 professionals working in different areas of gaming, from casino slot games to virtual reality and everything in between. Participants and attendees of the event are said to span every continent from Asia to the Americas. It takes place at the start of February in 2020 from the 4th to the 6th. The event will take up all but four of ExCeL London’s 44 exhibition spaces.

The Focus of ICE 2020

Wander around the venue, and it is unlikely that you will not find the topic of gaming discussion you were looking for. However, this year more businesses and speakers are directing their attention towards customer protection.

There is a customer protection zone at the event, which will be full of pop-up presentations and discussions about the latest trends and challenges in keeping players protected. Former government representatives are in attendance, such as Tom Watson, who will be joined by CEOs of the UK’s biggest gambling companies.

The event couldn’t come at a better time when the FA has been criticised for having their games streamed live on betting sites, and the volume of betting companies acting as football sponsors in the Premier League and Championship. Player Protection will be heavily discussed, and ICE 2020 will be an interesting listen in this regard.

ICE 2020 Has an eSports Arena

In line with one of the biggest growing trends in gaming, eSports gaming will also be in attendance with a dedicated arena for players to do battle over a $250,000 prize fund. This is not the first appearance of this type of gaming at the annual event, but it is the biggest cash prize so far, which is a good indication of this genre of gaming’s success so far.

To complement the real-time action, more discussions will be taking place surrounding the surge in eSports gaming – and that includes insights from experts within this sub-industry.

There will also be a lot of talk about the connections between eSports gaming and the future of gambling. Both niches appear to collide and have room to complement each other. This has already been evidenced in Las Vegas where you can now find one of these famous arenas.

If you’ve already missed out this year, make sure you don’t miss out on ICE 2021!