gender differences gambling

Gender Difference in Gambling Preferences

gender differences gambling

Gambling has predominantly been dominated by men since it began, but as gender barriers are taken down in modern society, gambling is attracting more female players. Just because gambling is enjoyed by more women than before does not mean both sexes play the same games and for the same reasons. To get a better understanding of gender differences in gambling, take a look at the key points below.

Different Gaming Preferences

Even though more women gamble today, these women are not flocking to all the games available equally – just like men don’t either. Women tend to prefer games with simpler rules that are not overly taxing on the brain or include strategy. They opt for games like online bingo, sports betting and slot machines. They are less likely to play table games such as poker and blackjack. It must also be said the stereotype that older women play bingo is also changing. More younger people, including males, are enjoying bingo because of bingo apps and smartphone accessibility. The reason women choose to play low-strategy games may be understood by looking at the reasons they gamble.

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Reasons for Playing

Research has suggested that the reasons for gambling are not so dissimilar. Both sexes openly admit that they play to make money and try to win. They also like to play because they found it fun and the potential of winning. However, women tended to lean slightly on the side of fun and enjoyment more than men. Even though these are subtle differences in the study’s results, it could explain why women are more inclined to play low-skill games like Bingo over high-strategy games like poker.


Reaction to Winning Big

The way that men and women gamble is also slightly different when they do win. If a man wins a big amount, he is more likely to keep playing and gambling, whereas more cautious women are more likely to cash out and enjoy the moment of winning big. You could argue that men are bigger risk-takers on average.

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Locations of Gambling

Admittedly, both men and women have gambled in front of the TV and on the toilet. Both sexes have reported gambling while driving – which is never advised. However, the big difference between gender and gambling locations is seen in family occasions such as weddings and birthdays. Men are more likely to have a sneaky game or a few spins at these occasions than women, which may be due to men being less emotionally attached at such important occasions, compared to the average woman.

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Amount of Gambling

Men are more likely to spend more money on gambling each week compared to women, which usually means more time spent gambling as well. However, both genders are usually tied when it comes to owning gambling accounts. Most men and women will have one or two accounts to their name.

Gambling is truly a gender-neutral activity for everyone to enjoy. Expect more advertisements aimed towards women in the near future, so brands can attract an even bigger female membership!