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Eur-no-more What's Happened to the Euros?

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After elite football leagues around the world postponed their schedule, it was not a surprise when UEFA announced that the European Championship is also to be postponed. The international competition was due to be played from the second week of June until the second week of July this year but will now be played a whole year later.

The switch of date is not just a way to escape the coronavirus pandemic, but also to help national leagues finish the rest of their domestic season and cup competitions. With the European Championship out of the way, The Premier League, FA Cup, LA Liga, Champions League and many other tournaments have a more substantial chance of coming to a conclusion.

But what can football fans do in the meantime? The truth is you can probably still watch your team in action, and even bet on the outcomes of games. How you ask? Read on to uncover more.

You Can Still Watch Your Football Team!

eGaming has become a world phenomenon fast, but the interest in it has surged during the lockdown. One of the aspects of this gaming niche to take off without football on the telly is eSports and games of FIFA being played out by official players of elite clubs. Free streams are available where you can watch your team take on another in a game of FIFA.

Some Premier League clubs had signed professional FIFA players over the recent years, meaning they already had a player to represent them. This has also revolutionised the way we view video gaming as it moves one step closer to becoming a recognised sport.

You Can Still Bet on Your Team!

What’s even cooler about eSports and these official FIFA games is that you can bet on matches. Many bookmakers are offering odds on these games so you can still bet on the action just like you would on the weekend. With most sports postponed or cancelled, including The Grand National and Wimbledon, sports betting sites are now concentrating their efforts to recoup revenue through betting on eSports right now and cross-seeling to online casino games

Gambling, in general, is something that hasn’t been taken off the table during the pandemic. Although your local casino may be shut, for now, online casinos are still here so you can play poker, blackjack, roulette, slot games and more!

What Else Can You Do?

Watching streams of FIFA games is not the only way to get your doses of football while the European championships are postponed, and any other matches are off. Some clubs are broadcasting classic games from their past on YouTube, such as Newcastle United. YouTube is also providing plenty of great footballing content and interviews – from a safe distance – on their YouTube channels, such as wonder goals and exclusive discussions with players.

It might be frustrating, but all is not lost!