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Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is a type of hybrid live roulette game with a twist, bringing you live play that’s fast. However, it has some critical differences from other online roulette games, offering a hybrid experience for players who enjoy live and simulated play and want the best of both worlds.

There are different versions of Auto Roulette available to play; this guide is about the Auto Roulette created by Evolution Gaming.

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How to Play Auto Roulette

There are several different types of Roulette available within Auto Roulette. Although there are some differences between each one, they’re all based on the same rules as regular Roulette. This means you’ll be playing with 36 numbers and a single green zero pocket. If you already know how to play European Roulette, you can get started with Auto Roulette right away.

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What sets Auto Roulette apart is that it doesn’t attempt to recreate the interactive live casino environment, with a chatty host livening up the atmosphere. It offers the opportunity for interaction via a chatbox, and it’s more than just a simulation, but there’s not a live host guiding you through each game.  If you prefer to simply concentrate on the play without someone constantly talking, you’ll enjoy Auto Roulette. Conversely, if you love the banter and chat of a live casino, you may find Auto Roulette a bit too quiet.

Since it was first released, Evolution Gaming have developed Auto Roulette further, and there are now various options:

Auto Roulette Live

This game of Roulette is based on European Roulette, but there’s also a racetrack where you can place four types of French bets. However, the French rules of La Partage and En Prison will not apply. There is a single fixed-camera view above the board, allowing you to view the wheel, the live chat and the betting. You can also view the results from the last 50 games, which can be helpful if you’re following a specific strategy.

Auto Roulette VIP

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Although it’s billed as a VIP roulette game, this version can accommodate players on a budget too. Betting opens at just 0.20 but extends all the way up to 20,000.00 per spin, making it possible to collect high payouts if you win. Like all types of Auto Roulette, play is relatively quick, with between 60-80 games per hour.

Speed Auto Roulette

Evolution Gaming already offers a version of Speed Roulette as part of its Live Dealer Roulette games portfolio. Speed Auto Roulette combines this with the Auto Roulette set-up to give you fast play without a live host overseeing the games. The live host version is slightly faster, but Speed Auto Roulette also offers an impressive rate of play. A typical game takes just 30-35 seconds to complete with 15 seconds to place your bet. If you want to bet on every spin of the wheel, you’ll need to be ready and paying attention!

What’s Different About Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is a type of European Roulette, so many of the rules and features will be very familiar. However, some elements set it apart from other types of live Roulette:

  • It’s played without a live host.
  • It’s streamed directly from a bricks-and-mortar casino. It’s not a studio simulation.
  • Different tables offer different speeds.
  • High-value VIP betting is available.

Auto Roulette Prizes

The amount you could win depends on the type of bet you place.

A single straight-up bet is the hardest to land but gives the best return at 35:1.

After the straight-up bet, the next highest paying are inside bets. A split bet is 17:1, street 11:1, corner 8:1 and line 5:1.

Outside bets are easier to land and cover more numbers, such as red/black or high/low. The returns on these reflect that, with payout of 1:1 or 2:1, depending on the outside bet you place.

What Are the Chances of Winning?

Auto Roulette has an RTP of 97.3%, the same as other types of European Roulette.

However, this doesn’t tell the full story as it’s essential to consider the volatility too. Some bet types, such as a single straight-up are very volatile, meaning you’ll have to wait much longer for a win, but the prize will be greater. The risk with these types of bets is that if you have to wait a very long time, the prize might not outstrip the amount you’ve lost.

Other types of bet are less volatile, but the potential payout is lower.

Auto Roulette Strategies

As it’s played with the same rules as regular Roulette, any of your usual strategies could work with Auto Roulette. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to switch up your routine, here are some strategies that you might want to try:

The James Bond

This method is so-named because the creator of James Bond, Ian Fleming, devised it for his character to use. As you might expect from a method suitable for a secret agent, there’s a bit of risk involved, but there’s solid logic behind the strategy.

This example uses £200, but you can play with any lower amount, providing you divide your stake into three, as 70%/25%/5%.

Bet £140.00 on numbers 19-36 – if this wins, you’ll collect £80 profit.

Bet £50.00 on numbers 13-18 – if this wins, you’ll collect £100.

Bet £10 on the green zero – if this wins, you’ll collect £160.

The coverage of the wheel is quite wide, but it excludes numbers 1-12. This is where the risk is; if the ball lands between 1-12, you’ll lose the bet completely.

The Martingale

This is a common strategy that many regular players lose; it’s a simple concept that’s easy to follow. Every time you have a losing bet, you double the stake on the next round. You continue until you hit a win. Bets are placed on an outside bet, such as red/black, even/odds or high/low. It’s essential to start low because the stake can quickly begin to climb if you hit a losing streak. If you win, either walk away from the game or return to the original low bet and start again.

The risk with Martingale is that you could lose lots of money before you hit a win, and if you wipe out your balance before the win lands, losses will be heavy.


If you like Martingale’s idea but don’t think your betting balance will stretch far enough, D’Alembert is a slightly safer approach that follows similar principles. The idea is that you stick to the simple outside bets but simply decrease or increase your wager by 1 each time. If you win, you reduce your bet by 1, but if you lose, you increase it by 1.

When you have as many wins as losses, you stop playing. The strategy involves you continuing to play through a losing streak until the number of wins catch up. If you’re able to stick to this rule, you’ll never walk away with a loss; but it’s easier said than done to keep going.

Whatever strategy you adopt, it’s important to remember that you should never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose.

Is Auto Roulette Legit?

Evolution Gaming is a well-known developer who provides reliable casino games for players to enjoy such as Lightning Roulette and Crazy Time. Of course, it’s vital that you also choose the casino carefully, as it’s not just about who makes the game.

You should only ever play at casinos licensed and regulated by leading authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. This ensures that the casinos are required to stick to high standards and will be monitored closely.

Playing at a casino that isn’t regulated means you may not receive the RTP you expect, the random number generator may be tampered with, or you may simply not receive the money you win. Stick to well-known and trusted casinos that are regulated to avoid putting your money and data at risk.