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Our casino site is thrilled to offer a wide range of live casino games that are sure to keep you entertained! Imagine sitting in the location of your choice, whether it's on your mobile device or in the comfort of your own home on a desktop, facing off with a real dealer in an authentic casino setting, and placing your wagers. It doesn't get much better than that! But wait, there's more! We're excited to announce that Cash or Crash Live has just been released, and this sizzling game comes with a whopping 500,000.00 up for grabs as the maximum win. That's even more cash than most of the best online slot games! So, it's essential to take this game seriously. With a multitude of cash prizes available, let's see what Cash or Crash Live can do for you.

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Evolution Gaming is the leading name in live dealer games, with a track record of pioneering new concepts in the casino game genre. With a plethora of titles under their belt, such as Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live and Mega Ball, Evolution Gaming showcases the cutting-edge technology and interactivity of their live dealer games. Their latest creation, Cash or Crash Live, follows a simple yet thrilling concept set in the backdrop of an old passenger blimp or zeppelin. Players place a single bet and face off against a dealer who calls bets, revealing either a red or green ball, with a rare gold ball also in play. The objective is to wager strategically and hopes for green balls to land, climbing up a ladder to bigger wins. The ultimate goal is to reach the top and blast through the ladder for a thrilling victory.

How to Play Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash Live is really simple to play. Follow the below steps:
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Register an account at PartyCasino.
Place your Bet
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Set your stake and place your bet.
Watch the Balls Drop
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Watch the balls spin in the wheel and hopefully a green ball drops.

Cash or Crash Live features a game board with 19 green balls, 8 red balls, and 1 elusive gold ball. To start, you place your bet, just like in any other casino game, and choose your desired wager amount. The dealer then prompts the balls to start moving, and soon a green or red ball will appear, with the gold ball being a coveted prize for later. Landing a green ball is a win, as it moves you up a ladder and increases your wager. You have the option to cash in all your funds after landing a green ball and start again, or you can choose to continue and leave your funds untouched for another ball reveal, hoping to climb higher on the ladder where the cash rewards are even bigger. Additionally, after every green ball, you can take 50% of your winnings and continue with the remaining 50% for a safer approach.

However, landing a red ball brings things crashing down, as it means you lose all your funds and have to start from the beginning. On the other hand, if you're fortunate enough to land the gold ball, you not only move up a tier with higher winnings like the green ball, but you also receive a shield that protects you from a red ball on your next wager, allowing you to still advance to the next tier.

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What To Look Out For

If you manage to get yourself all the way to the top of the ladder by landing green balls, with a bit of help from the gold ball, you’ll get 18,000x your bet. If you go for another green or gold ball once at the 20th step, you can blast out the top, awarding 50,000x your bet.

Play Cash or Crash Live at PartyCasino

At this casino, you'll discover a wide variety of games, including live dealer options that add an extra layer of excitement. These interactive titles are sure to entertain you. Plus, when it comes to potential winnings, live dealer games often offer higher maximum win amounts compared to other genres in the casino. It's a thrilling experience, as you may choose to take a risk and go for another green ball, with a chance to win 50% or even all of the winnings. It's all about fortune favoring the bold at this casino!