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Highest RTP Slots

Haveyou seen the stats and figures quoted for online slots but never been exactlysure what they mean? RTP may sound like a complicated concept but onceexplained, it’s a relatively simple concept to grasp.

Understanding the RTP of a slot can be very useful in determining whether you should play, and the likelihood of winning. So without further ado, check out our guide to RTP, including the highest RTP online slots around.

What is RTP?

ReturnTo Player, or RTP, is a way of seeing how much any slot pays out on average.Sometimes referred to as payout percentage, RTP offers an easy method ofcomparing slots like for like, even if you’re planning on betting differentamounts.

Everygame has its own RTP, which is calculated over a long period of time. It isexpressed as a percentage and describes how much money you’ll get back fromplaying. The higher the RTP, the greater the average payout will be.

Overa prolonged period of time, the casino will always win, which is why every RTPis set at less than 100%. It describes how much money you will get back if youbet £100. For example, a slot with an RTP of 95.78% would pay out (on average) £95.78for every £100 you bet.

Mostplayers look for games which have an RTP of 95-96%.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High RTP

Itmight seem obvious to look for slots with a high RTP, and it’s true they havean advantage. The higher the RTP, the greater the potential payout, but youneed to view the statistics with caution.

Firstly,it’s important to remember that the RTP is calculated over a long period ofplay and you may go bankrupt a long time before you ever hit this percentage.If you’re lucky and you hit an early win, you could walk away with a muchhigher playing percentage than the RTP. Conversely, you could end up losing farmore.

TheRTP doesn’t take into account how often you will win. It is one of the mostsignificant disadvantages. A factor called variance must also be taken intoaccount; this describes how often the wins will appear. It’s possible to haveinfrequent wins of larger amounts and smaller, regular wins on slots with thesame RTP. Therefore when deciding whether to play a particular slot machine,you should consider both RTP and variance together.

Immortal Romance

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Whether it’s films, books or other types of media, vampires are a popular theme, and online slots are no exception. Immortal Romance from Microgaming is a five-reel slot which includes bonus features such as Chamber of Spins and Vampire Bats. With an RTP of 96.86%, it’s higher than many others. It also has a medium variance and a hit rate of 31.21%, which means you’ll win something on almost a third of your turns – on average.

White Rabbit

Dip your toe into the weird and wonderful waters of Alice in Wonderland with White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming. A slot which has simply magnificent graphics, bonus features include free spins and the megaways feature drop. With an industry-leading 97.24-97.77% RTP, this bunny has plenty to offer, but the medium to high volatility means that you may be waiting a while for your payday.

Jack Hammer

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A fun game that has a different style to many others, Jack Hammer is a cartoon slot that follows the battle between superhero Jack Hammer and his nemesis Dr Wüten. With free spins, sticky wins and multipliers available on the five reels, there’s plenty to give all players entertained. However, you’ll need nerves of steel to play this slot because although it’s got an impressive 97% RTP, it’s also got a very high variance. Great for high rollers, not so much fun if you get impatient waiting for the rewards!


What are the best-paying slots?

It’s hard to list the best-paying slots because there’s no single agreed definition. If you’re a high roller who’s searching for the big wins, you’ll want a high variance slot which has a massive jackpot payout. Progressive jackpots can be an excellent feature to maximise your win. If you are betting low, a high RTP and low variance will pay smaller sums out regularly and could be preferable. Make sure you understand the stats and search for a slot that falls within the parameters you want.

How to choose a slot machine?

Most people choose a slot machine at least partially according to the theme, and that’s completely fine. Playing slots should be fun, and everyone has their own preference about which themes are the most enjoyable. Some players also like games which have plenty of extra features and bonuses; these can be too complicated for beginners but are a great way to add additional interest. However, to make a more dispassionate decision about which slot to play, check the RTP and variance. A high RTP is beneficial, but the variance you choose will depend on whether you’re a high roller looking for big wins, or content with regular, smaller payouts.

What is high variance?

Although many players focus on the RTP, the variance is another factor which is important. The RTP of a slot does not determine the variance; it’s possible to have both low and high variance on slot games with the same RTP. You might sometimes hear variance called volatility; these are different names for the same thing.

The variance on a slot shows how often the game pays out. Slot titles which have periodic wins but large amounts are described as high variance. For high rollers or those chasing down a big win, online slots with high variance are desirable. The drawback of a high variance slot is that you may have to wait a considerable amount of time before it pays out. You’ll therefore need to be patient and have deep pockets as you could end up spending lots of cash while you’re waiting. By contrast, a low variance slot will pay out more frequently, but with much lower amounts. Your betting strategy will determine whether you prefer low or high variance slots.