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  • Software: Pragmatic Play
  • Progressive Jackpot: no
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Spaceman Online Slot Review

Take part in an exciting experience which is out of this world with Spaceman, the new game for 2022 from Pragmatic Play. Although the studio is best known for slots, this game takes a slightly different approach with floating astronauts that fly high in the sky before crashing to the ground. The gameplay is very different, but one thing that is unchanged, however, is the chance to win big cash prizes. If you manage to hit the top spot, you could collect up to x5000. 

Spaceman Slot - partycasino-canada

If you regularly play online slots at PartyCasino, Spaceman will be a departure from the norm. It’s a type of “crash game” which has become increasingly popular with other titles such as Golden Hook and the Incredible Balloon Machine. You’ll need to balance up your desire to collect big prizes against the need to cash in before your crash - and that’s a harder decision than you might think! So-called crash games have become a big hit with players because all the control lies with them. Rather than waiting to see if a slot delivers winning reels, you decide when to cash in and when to keep going. If this sounds like fun, we’re going to cover how to play Spaceman in more detail below! 

There are no reels and no paylines, so you'll be able to see from the start just how different this game is. You will, however, still need to choose your stake, which can be anything from the min bet of 1.00 to the max bet of 100.00. 

Feature Symbols

There's a real sense of taking part in a deep space adventure with the screen filled with an intergalactic panorama, with planets and stars in a purple sky. Your spaceman looks more like an Android-alien hybrid than a human astronaut, but that won't matter as they prepare for their voyage into the sky.  

The game is played in real-time, and you'll need to decide whether to play by placing your bet. As the round starts, the spaceman will start to ascend across your screen - but sooner or later, he will come crashing back down again. Your aim is to cash out before the crash - and you can do that with the help of two buttons on the left: Cashout and Cashout 50%. The first one finishes the game completely, crediting you with the current level of winnings. The latter cashes out half of your stake, allowing you to continue with the remaining half to try and win a bigger prize.  

Don’t forget, if the spaceman crashes before you have cashed out, you’ll lose your stake completely. 

Spaceman Crash - partycasino-canada


The longer the spaceman continues to hold on, the higher the win multiplier will climb. Across the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a ticker tape of results, which show the latest crashes and the multiplier that was achieved.  

There are no hard and fast rules about how and when to cash out, but if you do this below x1.00, you'll lose money on the game. Above x1.00, you'll be in profit, but the spaceman could crash at any moment.  

One feature that many players use is the Auto Cashout facility. You can choose the multiplier that you're comfortable with, and the game will automatically cash out if the spaceman reaches this point. You can also use the Auto Cashout facility with the Cashout 50% action. 

Spaceman Bonus - partycasino-canada

Play Spaceman at PartyCasino Canada

Spaceman from Pragmatic Play is an exciting and fast-paced crash game. There are no complicated features or rules; the sole aim is to cash out with your winnings before the figure falls to the ground. Simple yet undeniably irresistible, this game will appeal to slots players who enjoy having more control.

Can I play Spaceman at PartyCasino?

Yes. Spaceman is available to play at PartyCasino 24/7.

Who makes the Spaceman slot?

Spaceman was created by Pragmatic Play.

How do I get to the bonus round?

There are no bonus rounds in Spaceman, but there is a multiplier of up to x5000 available from the main play.