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It’s a common complaint that casino games have become all too predictable. And you can see why this argument holds to reason. So, those looking for something fresh and innovative to get stuck into should look no further than Aviator, which is brought to the table by forward-thinking development team Spribe.

Aviator, which has been around since 2019, quickly established itself as fans favourite, primarily because it’s a unique style of casino game. Suppose you compare Spribe’s creation with other titles. In that case, you will see that Aviator includes many features you don’t regularly see elsewhere, such as a live chat service where players can chat as they enjoy the action.

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In an era where social media plays a significant role in people’s lives, having a game like Scribe entering the space fits with the trend of social gaming. Players can enjoy their gaming while making friends at the same time. Playing at Canadian online casinos are no longer single-player events where punters are isolated. And what could add to the conversation is that you can see the wagers each other is placing, so there is the opportunity for banter throughout.

As you will expect, Aviator rose to the top of many charts on launch. And, it’s more than held its own since. It has a lot going for it because it’s innovative and new, but the gameplay is excellent too and bears many of the same qualities. It’s an all-round job by Scribe, who deserve a ton of credit for thinking outside the box.

What Is Aviator?

Aviator is a game where everything works differently from other games such as online slots or online roulette. And, it’s the unique betting system and gameplay that ultimately sets it apart from the rest. You’re not going to fire up Aviator and see slot symbols, for example. Instead, you will see an aeroplane that is going to fly away at a coefficient that will rise at random. 

The coefficient range begins at 1.00x and rises as high as 1,000,000x, so the winning potential is off the scale. And to add to this, there is a solid RTP offering of 97.00%, which is higher than most slots. And, if all that wasn’t enough, Aviator is provably fair. The results are transparent and checkable by anyone at any time.

How To Play Aviator

So, Aviator may be different to the norm as a casino game, but it remains straightforward to get to grips with. Again, you could suggest this is one of its significant selling points. Because not only is it an innovative title, it’s one that everyone can be up and running with and enjoying within a matter of seconds.

If you're playing Aviator, the first thing you must do is find an online casino to play it at. As you will expect, as a popular game, it's not challenging to do so. Then, it's onto the betting, where the period to place wagers is limited. You have maybe ten seconds, so knowing what you're staking and getting it in place is crucial.

The game will then begin, with the plane taking off and the coefficient increasing. The aim of the game is to cash out before the plane flies off into the distance. If you do this successfully, the value of the prize will be the equivalent of the coefficient. But, if you don’t, your money is lost.

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Because of the short betting window, the auto betting function comes in handy. So, you won’t be racing against the clock to get wagers in place. There is also a how-to-play guide and video that can be of assistance for those new to the game.

Play Aviator At PartyCasino Canada

Aviator is a title everyone should play because it’s so different to everything else out there. It will naturally get boring playing similar games repeatedly, and this title from Spribe offers that excellent change of pace. And, it’s a fun and exciting game, too. You could go as far as saying the sky is the limit where the winning potential is concerned.