18+ (19+ for Canada). T&Cs apply. Play responsibly.
18+ (19+ for Canada).
18+. (19+ for Canada). T&Cs apply. Play responsibly.

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Casino Arcade Games

At our Arcade Casino, you will find some of the most exciting and innovative casino arcade games around. Whether it’s Super Cash Blaster, Golden Boot footie special or our Piggy Payouts Bank Bluster Lucky Tap, there’s something for everyone to try. Fully licensed in the UK with the UKGC and all major licences, you’re sure to have a blast at our fantastic selection of games.

Game Selection

From Crash Games to Tap Games, Mines, Tower and Wild Games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here at our PartyCasino Arcade. Playable on all devices including mobile, we have 25 amazing games to try and lots more launching soon, so be sure to keep checking back as our latest and greatest upcoming casino arcade games selection begins to grow.

Why choose PartyCasino Arcade

Part of the world-renowned Entain Group and with a 25-year history since our launch as Starluck Casino in 1997, our incredible selection of arcade casino games alongside our 2,000+ casino games available at our flagship casino can keep you entertained for days at a time without ever running out of new options to try. Check out our latest selection today.

What are Match 3 games?

Match 3 games are relatively simple; however, they rely on luck alongside an element of skill. Typically, players will be presented with a grid of different icons, some of which will be in clusters of 3 or more. These can be tapped in order to remove them from the board, with the symbols above dropping down to fill the space below. Players repeat this process until no more moves are available, at which point the game will automatically end. The potential winnings correspond to how many matches were tapped throughout the duration of the round.

Are there any bonuses available for PartyCasino Arcade titles?

Yes, there are many promotions available for games featured in the PartyCasino Arcade catalogue. These include welcome packages that allow players to get an additional percentage on their first deposit, amongst others. It's worth mentioning that we change our promotions on a regular basis in order to keep things fresh, so checking our offers page regularly could undoubtedly be worthwhile. To claim any of the active bonuses on our site, sign up or use the corresponding code when making a qualifying deposit. Of course, players should carefully read the terms and conditions of each bonus before claiming, too!

Which arcade games are the most popular?

At the top of this page, players can find a category dedicated to some of the top arcade games available here at PartyCasino. Plinko Go by 1x2 Gaming is one of the most popular releases, followed by the likes of Gold Digger Mines by iSoftBet and Space Hunter Shoot for Cash by Playtech. An honourable mention goes to the LuckyTap series of games, as these offer players a choice of themes while the core mechanics remain unchanged. It's also worth mentioning that virtually all of the leading games listed on the PartyCasino Arcade are optimised for mobile devices, including tablets and phones!

PartyCasino Arcade Frequently Asked Questions

The PartyCasino Arcade is the home for various games in our extensive catalogue that don't fall into the 'Slots' or 'Live Casino' categories. Some of the most popular choices include the 'Lucky Tap' series and other instant win games that are based on top-tier slots, such as 'Olympus Fury'. Just like all of the other titles featured on the PartyCasino website, titles included in our Arcade section have been tested too.
At the PartyCasino Arcade, players can find an assortment of titles, including Slingo, Crash, Mine, and Tower games, amongst others. Most of these games fall into the 'Instant Win' category. However, multiplayer games and video bingo can also be found in our Arcade catalogue. Each title is optimised for mobile devices, including phones and tablets, for ultimate convenience. With a vast selection of games to choose from, there's something for everyone at the PartyCasino Arcade!
Considered to be one of the most modern casino games, Crash titles are all about timing. While the visual appearance of each game can be different, the premise remains the same. At the start of the round, players will be prompted to select an appropriate stake size, which will then be locked in for the round. A line will then appear on a graph, with the potential winnings for the round increasing as time progresses. Players can choose to cashout whenever they wish or set an automatic limit for doing so. However, the line can 'Crash' randomly at any time. Should this happen while a bet is active, the stake will be lost.
Tap Games revolve around a relatively simple concept. Players can simply click or tap on a particular area of the screen to start the action, with the outcome of the round being determined using RNG (Random number generation). Potential winnings can include multiples of the bet size, bonus rounds, or jackpots, with fixed values being the most common. Like with most of the online arcade games on this page, the game hinges entirely on luck.
For those that have played Minesweeper in the past, this category of online casino game is very similar. After choosing a stake size, players can pick different spaces on the grid, which may reveal a mine. Should the space be empty, the potential winnings for the round will increase; however, selecting a space with a mine will forfeit the initial bet. After each selection, players can choose to cashout their potential winnings or continue.
Tower Games, in essence, have the same features as mines. However, there are a variety of different levels assembled in a vertical formation. After selecting a stake size, players will have to make a choice between various stones on each floor. Should they guess right, players will move on to the next level, while an incorrect guess will see them leaving empty-handed. The potential winnings will increase as players make their way up the tower, with the option to cashout being available after each level.
As the name suggests, Slingo games are a hybrid of slots and bingo. Players will be given one or more boards at the start of the round, before a reel spins at the bottom. A variety of numbers will appear, and should these match the ones on the players' board, they will be crossed off, just like with traditional bingo games. Wilds are usually included, too, giving players the choice to remove a number from the board. One notable aspect of Slingo games is that they tend to be based on popular slots, with Slingo Sweet Bonanza and Slingo Starburst being prime examples.
There are many reasons to choose the PartyCasino Arcade, one of which is the huge selection of games that we have to offer. These titles are from top providers in the space, meaning they are loaded with high-quality graphics, engaging audio, and bonus features. In addition, PartyCasino has fast payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals, alongside 24/7 live chat support for all of our players.
In short, yes, arcade casinos are legal in the UK as long as they have the relevant licensing. Here at PartyCasino, we are licensed and regulated by all major relevant bodies throughout the United Kingdom, including the UKGC. On our site, players can also find a variety of responsible gambling tools, including the ability to set deposit limits and reality checks. While these features are required, more importantly, they can help to keep players safe and in control at all times.
To start, players can browse through our extensive catalogue of games in order to find one that matches their preferences. After the game has been selected, players should ensure that they know all of the associated rules. With most titles, the rules can be found by clicking or tapping the button showing the letter 'I'. An appropriate stake size can then be chosen before the gameplay commences. For those that want to try a variety of different arcade games, PartyCasino offers a range of promos and bonuses that change on a regular basis!