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Casino Solitaire

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  • Software: Gamevy
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Casino Solitaire Review

Most of us will admit to having used Solitaire as a means to kill time – perhaps while playing with a real deck of 52, or these days just playing an app on our mobiles. Now, thanks to Gamevy, you have a potent combination of the game you love and the chance to win some spectacular cash prizes. Casino Solitaire is one of the latest table games to reinvent an existing card game. Players will find this one relatively easy to get the hang of as there’s really nothing too complicated about it. Let us provide all you need to know about Casino Solitaire.

How To Play Solitaire

Not many players will find themselves completely at a loss when it comes to playing Casino Solitaire. As always, when it comes to Solitaire, there are seven columns of cards, which come from a standard deck of 52. Cards are shuffled at random and then dealt one at a time along the seven columns. The first card out of the pack on the first column is dealt face up, and then the next six cards dealt face down from column 2 – 7. Once the cards need to start being dealt from the left again, they start from the next column after the first one dealt, with the first card always dealt face up and the following ones face down.

The remaining cards that don’t get dealt into the table are kept back in a pile facing down to be dealt to see if they can be added to a column. You’ll know if they can be added to a column because they are the same suit and one lower in value than one of the last cards on the seven columns.

Four empty spaces lie above the columns, and this is where suits need to end up eventually. Once you get an ace, it needs to be placed in one of these empty spaces. Once the 2 of the same suit appears, it gets placed on the ace. Then the 3 and so on, until you’ve filled the space with an entire suit. The game ends when all suit spaces are completely filled.

This is just the standard game, but remember there’s betting involved. The way it works is that you choose your bet amount, and attempt to get cards out of the columns and dealing pile into the suit spaces. The betting screen will tell you how much you’ll win based on what card you manage to get onto the suit spaces. There are also side bets in Casino Solitaire. You can bet on there being no possible move, meaning that you can’t move a card from the dealing pile to the columns or suit areas for 15x your bet. You can also bet that either a red or black card will be dealt for 200x your bet.

What To Look Out For

You can find casino online games here of all kinds – online slots, online blackjack, roulette etc. There are usually some exciting features. However, with Casino Solitaire, it all comes down to just one goal – move cards to the suit areas and clear the entire deck.

The aspect of this game that you really want to look out for is when the deck is completely cleared, with all cards having been moved to the suit spaces. This will award you the top prize the game has to offer.

Play Casino Solitaire at PartyCasino Canada

Playing Casino Solitaire might make for a nice change if you feel like things are getting a bit stale. However, it doesn’t compare at all to the best online slot games in terms of thrills and bonus features. Besides the fact that you can change your wagers’ value, there’s nothing else you can really alter. Perhaps such a simplistic game will appeal to those that enjoy alone time with a few rounds of Solitaire but now have the opportunity to get some cash rewards playing it instead of just self-gratification.