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Casino Bonuses

Canada’s online casino market is thriving rightnow, and more online sites are swinging open their doors trying to get playersinside. The industry is competitive with online brands all jostling to win yourmembership. The best will do this by offering the latest slot games, livedealer experiences and even gambling tournaments. Another seductive method toget you to choose their service over competitors is by providing welcome casinobonuses, including casino sign up bonuses without financial risks.

With the Canadian online gaming industryfilling up, this gives players even more sites to pick from – and even morecasino promotions to compare. Before you choose one welcome bonus and operatorover another, you really need to know the ins and outs of how casino offerswork. Some people can get caught out by the small print. Don’t be one of thesepeople and read our Canadian casino bonus guide instead.

TheDifferent Casino Bonus Types

In response to a more competitive industry,casinos have started offering a greater range of welcome promotions andbonuses. But still, there is only so much innovation and creativity whendesigning a casino bonus, and thus, many of the popular rewards are similarwherever you go.

Here are the best examples:

Casino Sign Up Bonus

A casino sign up bonus is a bonus categoryrather than an individual offer. It is merely a reward that you receive whensigning up to an operator and may include a free bet, free spins on a slot gameor something else. Hence why we call it a casino bonus category rather than aspecific type of promotion. They are incredibly useful in getting people tosign up to a site. The opposite of a sign-up bonus would be a promo handed outto current members of the online casino. We’ll touch on some of these furtherbelow.

Matched Bets Bonus

Matched bet bonuses are widespread and rewardplayers based on how much they are prepared to wager on their first casino bet.It works by giving new players a free bet of equal value to the first depositthey make to the site (and subsequent bet). They often come with a minimumvalue and a maximum. For example, you could receive a free bet on your firstdeposit between $10 and $100. Sometimes they are specific to certain casinogames, like blackjack or roulette.

No Deposit Bonuses

Matched best bonuses were becoming so commonthat some clever marketers had to come up with a new and more creative way ofgetting players to sign up. But they also had to make the promotion evenbetter. They did that with no deposit bonuses where players can sign up andreceive a reward without having to deposit to the casino or place a bet. Thebusiness idea behind these no deposit bonuses is that they allow players to“try before they buy” and gain trust in the service. If they like what theyexperience, they keep playing at the casino. Online sites that are confident intheir products often use these rewards to lure players.

Free Spins Bonuses

Some players choose to join online casinos justto play slot games. They have been around for decades – even if not online –and have grown a considerable following. Today they are even better withimpressive visuals, soundtracks and somewhat boast narratives. Not to forgetthe chance to win huge progressive jackpots on some slot games. The free spinsbonus will provide new players – or existing – with free spins on specificslots.

Referrals Casino Promotions

Another type of perk for people who are alreadya member of an online casino is a referrals bonus. If current players telltheir friends about the gaming service they use and get them to sign up, bothparties can receive a special treat that may be a free bet, free spins or somethingelse. This usually works with a unique code that the current member can handout to friends. When their friend signs up, they enter the code to register thereferral. And bingo – casino bonuses for everyone!

Monthly Deposit Bonuses

Some players can be rewarded for the amount ofmoney they deposit into the casino each month. This is not a sign-up bonusbecause it is given to players already using the service on a regular basis. Ifthey meet a certain deposit amount or wagering figure, they may receive a freebet, free spins or even free entry into prestigious poker tournaments – orsomething else. This is where online Canadian casino can be inventive and maketheir promotions unique!

Payment Method Bonuses

Most people aren’t aware but making onlinepayments with VISA, Mastercard and some other methods causes retailers to fronta very small bill for the work done by the other parties involved. Onlinecasinos can avoid these small processing fees if players use different methodsto deposit money, e.g. online wallets or even cryptocurrency. As a result, someof Canada’s casinos are offering incentives to players who use these cheaperdepositing methods.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Some Canadian bonuses look too good to be true.And that is because they are not as good as they look like on the surface, andthis becomes apparent when you dive into the details, specifically the wageringrequirements the bonus is subject to.

Wagering requirements are a limitation that isapplied to the casino bonus you receive. The requirement states that to be ableto withdraw your free bet winnings, you must wager your free bet multipletimes. Once you have done this, you will be able to cash out to your bankaccount. Wagering requirements could be anywhere between x20 and x50+, meaningyou have to wager the free bet this many times before actually collecting anywinnings. Online casinos in Canada and the rest of the world have to do this toprevent bonus abuse and fraud. If they didn’t, they could lose out massively.

So, before you choose a new online operatorbased on the welcome bonus it is offering, make sure you take note of thewagering requirements applied to that offer. In reality, it may not be as goodas the welcome bonus you just scoffed at.

Casino Bonuses: Time Limits and T&Cs

Wagering requirements are not the only thing tolook for when weighing up different welcome bonuses. You also need to be awareof casino bonus expiry dates and other items connected to the wageringrequirement. Here are the details:

#1: Time Limits

Most casino bonuses come with an expiry date,which is rarely a problem because when you sign up, you are probably itching towager your free bet or take advantage of free spins. But it does pose a problemif the time limit on your casino bonus includes the wagering requirement.Wagering a bonus x50 times within a few months may not be as straight forward,and you might have to speed up your planned play.

#2: Gaming Limits

Some Canadian casino bonuses can only be usedon certain games. It may be specific to a select group of games, such as tablegames, or by specific to one game or one slot machine. Moreover, your bonus maybe playable on any game, but some games may not count towards your wageringrequirement. For example, any wagering on a roulette table may not work towardswagering the bonus 30 times. Or even more confusingly, some games may only be apercentage of your wagering requirement. For example, roulette wagering couldbe 50%, so if you only played roulette, your wagering requirement of x30 isreally x60.

#3: Bet Limits

Last, but by no means not crucial to pickingthe best casino offers in Canada, some of these promotions include bettinglimits. This is dependent on the brand and its welcome bonus T&Cs.

Casino Welcome Bonus at PartyCasino, CA

Our marketing team at PartyCasino Canada hasmade sure players don’t miss out on an exciting casino promotion when they signup. But we thought we would shake things up a little bit by making ourincentives more creative. We have combined a three-tiered welcome bonus worth$500 with a free spins bonus.

It works like this:

Deposit 1 = 100% matched bonus up to $200 and 20 freespins on the popular Melon Madness Deluxe slot.

Deposit 2 and Deposit 3 = 100% matched bonus up to $150

We have lower wagering requirements thancompeting Canadian casinos, so it is easier for you to really win from ourpromotion. Consult our full terms and conditions for a full explanation to thefun PartyCasino CA double bonus.