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Blackjack Perfect Pairs

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What are Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is a side bet that focuses solely on the initial two cards dealt to both you and the dealer. A hand consisting of two cards with the same number, suit, and colour is considered to be a Perfect Pair. This version of Blackjack is played similarly to the traditional 21 games, with the exception of the Perfect Pairs side bet, which offers the potential for larger payouts. However, it's important to note that, as with most table games offering high payouts through side bets, the house advantage is slightly higher than one might expect.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs - partycasino-canada

In Blackjack Perfect Pairs, as the name implies, the objective is to be dealt a pair of cards. To meet this requirement, the cards must have the same number, with suit alone not being sufficient.

 If your initial two cards do not form a pair, you will lose the Perfect Pairs side bet and continue playing with your main bet and any other side bets you may have made. 

However, if your first two cards form a pair, the amount you win will depend on your type of pair.

There are three different types of Blackjack pairs:

●    Mixed pair - matching numbers but a different colour and suit

●    Coloured pair - matching numbers and the same colour but a different suit

●    Perfect pair - matching numbers and the same colour and same suit

Mixed Pair:

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Coloured Pair:

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Perfect Pair:

Blackjack Perfect Pair - partycasino-canada

You must decide whether you want to take part in the Perfect Pairs side bet before any cards are dealt on the table. The side bet will then be settled before the main game of blackjack starts and is played out according to the house rules of the land-based or online casino where you’re playing.

How to play Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

  1. You place a Perfect Pairs side bet alongside the main game bet.
  2. The initial two cards are dealt to you and the dealer.
  3. The Blackjack Perfect Pairs side bet is settled before the main game begins.
  4. The main game of blackjack is played out like normal with the addition of the Perfect Pairs side bet.

Once the side bet of Blackjack Perfect Pairs is settled, the main game of blackjack plays out according to the specified house rules of the casino where you are playing. 

These rules can differ from casino to casino so it’s worth you taking time to familiarise yourself with them before you begin playing Blackjack.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Odds

The amount you will receive for a Perfect Pairs bet may vary slightly depending on the casino. The below are the Blackjack Perfect Pairs payout odds at Party Casino.

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House Edge: What are the real odds of getting a Perfect Pair?

On average, you’ll only see a Blackjack Perfect Pair come up once in about every 60 hands. If you are lucky enough, you might see it come up a little more often or a lot less often. In fact, the house edge for the Perfect Pairs side bet hovers between 2% and 11%.

Take a blackjack game using 8 decks of cards. For example, for the top payout of 30 to 1, you have to calculate the odds of being dealt a 2nd card that’s the same rank and suit as your first card, (a Perfect Pair). With 8 decks in play, you have 416 cards total, but one of those cards has already been dealt. That leaves 415 cards, but only 7 of them will make your hand.

This equates to 7/415 or just over a 1 in 59 chance of the card you need coming up. Given its 30/1 payout odds, it's evident that Blackjack Perfect Pairs is more entertaining than other side bets offered in table games.

Strategy for the Perfect Pairs Bet

Strategy for Blackjack Perfect Pairs - partycasino-canada

It's important to note that this strategy does not affect the house edge, meaning it does not eliminate or reduce the advantage held by the casino. The Perfect Pairs side bet is simply a fun way to enjoy the game without risking excessive amounts of money while still providing the opportunity to win a substantial payout.

The idea is to set aside a separate amount of betting units as “fun money”, equal to the payout for a Perfect Pair.

If you’re playing in a casino that offers a 30 to 1 payout for a Perfect Pair, and you’re playing for £5 per hand, set aside £150 for the Perfect Pair Blackjack bet. (That’s £5 times 30.)

Use that £150 to bet £5 each hand on the Perfect Pair side bet until you run out of your “fun money” or until you hit a perfect pair and get your 30 to 1 payout.

There’s a chance that you will hit a Perfect Pair at some point between 1 and 60 hands. If you hit it during the first 30 hands, you’ll have generated a profit. If you don’t hit a Perfect Pair within the first 30 hands, you’ll only lose £150.

Play your dealt blackjack hand as normal, as if you didn’t have any “fun money” put on the Perfect Pair bet. You’ll use standard basic Blackjack strategy to play your normal hand. Depending on the other factors and rule variations, you’ll be facing a house edge of around 2%, or maybe less.

Why Play Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

As mentioned in the strategy section, if your goal is to maximize your returns, then playing Perfect Pairs in Blackjack may not be the best choice. However, if you're feeling lucky and looking for some fun, it could be a good option. For a small investment, you can add more excitement to your blackjack game and increase your chances of winning substantial payouts with each hand.

The Perfect Pairs bet in Blackjack is one of the most thrilling side bets available in table games at a casino. Its house edge is relatively fair, especially when combined with the game's own odds. If you have the funds and enjoy adding extra bets to your game, then giving Perfect Pairs a try is not a bad option.

Where to play Perfect Pairs Blackjack in the UK?

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The Perfect Pairs bet can be found at PartyCasino and a variety of other casino sites. You are not required to take part in the side bet when you play at these tables, but the option is there for you to enjoy - allowing you to have extra bets in play whenever you feel lucky. If you're looking for something new, why not try our online blackjack games? This table game might just be a perfect choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Should you play Perfect Pairs in Blackjack?

You are not required to take part in the Blackjack Perfect Pairs side bet. The idea is to set aside a separate bankroll of betting units equal to the payout for a Perfect Pair. The odds of you getting two cards of the same (a "Perfect Pair") are better than the 30/1 odds offered in the payouts. The side bets in Perfect Pairs add a different element to the game. If you have the funds and you like having extra bets in play, then you should probably give it a try.

Is Blackjack Perfect Pairs more luck or skill?

Purely based on statistics, some casino players get lucky and win big money. Blackjack Perfect Pairs is an excellent example of getting lucky. You’ll only see a Blackjack Perfect Pair come up once in about every 60 hands on average. Depending on how fortunate you are, you might see it come up a little more often or a lot less often.

How do you play Perfect Pairs in Blackjack?

The standard rules for playing Perfect Pairs in Blackjack are the same as playing your regular hand. You place a bet and are dealt two cards. You can then decide to hit, stand, double down etc. as normal. The only difference is that you must also place your side bet accordingly.